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What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to promote your company profile on eDesk HUB.

With sponsorship, companies get a chance to enjoy increased visibility through our sponsored listing. Visitors can sort through the listing making use of “sponsored” filter to see the top sponsored company listing.

Companies can gain visibility and promote their profile on eDesk HUB, thereby, increasing the chances of generating leads.

Why Sponsorship?

Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to get maximum visibility from people who are looking out for your service expertise.

Companies can use sponsorship to highlight themselves amidst the crowd and increase their profile viewership.

If you are a leading service provider, you can prove it to potential clients that you are capable of delivering quality work. This will positively affect your reputation and will lead to better lead generation.

How to become a Sponsor

In order to use your sponsorship wisely, please follow the below steps.

Update Profile:

To avail the sponsorship benefits, you need to first be listed on our platform by completing your information on the “Company Profile” page.

Client References:

The next step is to request your clients to give you positive references and recommendations, which will be displayed on your profile.


Our research analysts duly evaluate and assess service providers’ profile before listing them on eDesk HUB. We conduct checks that focus on their ability to deliver complex and deadline driven projects with high quality. Post a positive assessment, you get a chance to buy sponsorship on our platform.

The above steps will help you gain an advantage over competition and get promising leads.

    • PLATINUM $950/mo

    • With Platinum sponsorship, your company profile gets top priority in ranking and research along with premium support.
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    • GOLD $350/mo

    • Gold sponsorship gives your company profile the desired visibility with priority listing and premium support.

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    • SILVER $120/mo

    • Silver sponsorship gives your company the required visibility and viewership but premium support remains absent.
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    • BASIC Free

    • Basic membership is free of cost and gives you the basic benefit of listing without premium support and priority listing.

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