What is User Experience & Why is it Important

User Experience & Design


User Experience is something that is necessary for creation of a top quality website but it is also something which most of the software development often overlook.

What is User Experience?

The terminology UX Design or User Experience Design refers to approaches that are applied to ensure that a website or a mobile app is customized for its target audience. If an online platform does not appeal to certain audience, it is likely to be forgotten.

The effectiveness of an online platform is dependent upon its user experience. How a user interacts with a platform and how easily is the user able to find the desired information, is key.

The UX specialist is responsible for coming up with ideas to enhance user experience and ensure that the available content is relevant and valuable to the target user.

Why User Experience is Important?

Each aspect of your product affects the user experience. Whether it is placement of a button or font size or color, all these can be challenging as well as encouraging for a UX specialist.

UX is as essential as the aesthetic elements of a website. your website or mobile app could be the best looking one but if customers cannot intuitively learn how to use it, its purpose becomes futile.

While UX plays a critical role in development of any digital platform, its relevance becomes even clearer when we talk about tools like websites and apps and some specific corporate tasks.

The importance of user experience becomes even more vital for young business and SMBs since they don’t have a great reputation as an alibi. Their chances at success are dependent on the quality of their online platforms as they make a lasting impression on potential customers.

If your UX approach is right, it can contribute towards the expansion and growth of your business. Truth be told, when a user makes the decision to hold on or leave an online app/resource, you have just a few seconds to make an impression and hold on to the user’s interest.

User Experience & Design

How do website owners and designers approach suitable UX design for their online platforms? 

This process must begin with cooperative creativity. Broad range of specialists gets together to work and fix challenges as a shared motive. Top software development firms in Middle East have teams that come together to collaborate and take mutually prudent decisions on set design objectives, visuals etc.

For instance, how do you want the users to interact with certain content or design? What emotions are you targeting to invoke? Sympathy, fear, curiosity, delight, shock etc.

When you are aware of what emotions are you targeting, it becomes easier to provoke the right ones and test their effectiveness. Stimulating the right emotions is critical at this stage to initiate the right responses.

It is important to note that not all UX approaches will successfully work for all users since each customer is different and would react differently under certain situations. A promotional approach might work for one customer; but have little impact on another user. UX specialists must aim to create specific responses to encourage certain actions rather than to enforce one approach on a group of users.

Moreover, a UX approach used on a certain online platform cannot be successfully used on different platform since each of those is unique. It is also impossible to calculate value of one platform with statistics like bounce rates, page visits and conversion data accurately. You can generate estimates, but you cannot process precise user experiences.

A UX approach and usability of online platform is interconnected; however, they are not the same thing. UX based approaches are designed to demonstrate how a user feels about a certain service; usability on the other hand, refers to the speed with which a user can learn to work with an online platform.


If you wish to ensure that you deliver an amazing User experience, you must learn how to meet the precise expectations of your users with minimal effort. The best resources are created with techniques and processes that are not unnecessarily complicated; they are simple yet have an air of sophistication.

Usability is an important characteristic of user interface as it deals with the platform’s ability to simplify navigation and makes the experience interactive and enjoyable.