Web Development & its Impact on SEO

Web Development


Web development is an all-encompassing term regarding the work done in developing of a website. Web development can be done for simple static pages or a dynamic website with multiple functionalities. Any business nowadays requires an online presence due to which the business of web development is growing at a steady pace. 

When a company looks for developing a new website, they have certain design elements in mind. Usually, a creative agency is hired to do the creative work and SEO is kept aside for later. The reason behind is that SEO plays an important role in indexing pages, meta tags, schema etc. Hence, once the coding process is done, SEO becomes much easier to execute.

Why is SEO Important?

Taking care of SEO activities during the development process makes it easier to make the site accessible and easier for search engines to index once it is launched successfully.

Furthermore, SEO and web design work in coordination with each other. The design may be attractive and as per the latest standards, but if it’s not SEO friendly, it will not attain high ranking in the search engine result. Integrating SEO in web design involves linking, content, navigation and technology.

In case your website is not prompt in being available to the search engines quickly, its ranking will suffer and you limit the ability of several search engines to retrieve your content.

  • Content is necessary for a website to become SEO friendly. Throughout the website building process, the web designer should be conscious of what the business requirements are.  This makes it easier for the keywords to be picked by search engines during the preliminary stages of website development. These key words are related to what customers will be expecting.
  • Content is important in SEO but needs to be used correctly to avoid any spamming issues that may lower the reputation and status principle of the website. Meaningful keywords arrangement of keywords will help in better ranking of web pages in search engines.
  • Improvising on keywords on content that will be published on the website will help in reducing the time for content modifications with the aim for SEO.
  • Link building in content helps you to have links from other reliable websites to improve search engine rankings. For proper search engine rankings, web design needs SEO.

What Type of SEO work should be done during Development Process?

#1 Website Speed

Your website should fast. This is a common fact that many companies often overlook. How your website is coded will affect how quickly it loads. If your website loads up slower than a competitor’s website, considering the fact that the competitor has similar link metrics and relevancy scores; then it will load and display better than your own. User friendliness is important, but the site speed matter and so do rankings. Your web developer would know how to make your site load faster.

#2 301 Redirect

The 301 redirects are important for SEO when you are looking to launch your new website, but the old URLs will still be involved. To put it simply, A 301 redirect will bring a user from the page location, where a page used to be to its current location. Then the link will be passed ranking from the old site to the new page since the search engine will recognize that a permanent change has been made to the new page location.

#3 Crawler Access

Google and other major search engines do not work automatically to crawl and index all pages of your website. if your web developer doesn’t work carefully, and does not include session IDs in the page URLs, it might restrict the page access because of cookies or makes use of Frames. These could easily limit or prevents all over the crawling of your web pages, which makes it difficult for sites get ranked on search engines.

You can choose professional SEO services companies in Middle East to take care of all the above points to ensure that your web development is well synced with concrete SEO strategies that gives you the best results.