Top Trends in Emerging App Market

Top Trends in Emerging App Market


A life without a mobile phone is increasingly becoming unimaginable. Every single person whom we meet is carrying a high end mobile phone to meet their day to day needs of keeping up with technology. People are becoming ‘Nomophobia’ certainly in a good sense as it is making their life easier by the usage of mobile apps. loaded by baker’s dozen in the app store of all the smart phones.  Smartphone users are relying largely on these apps to order their daily take out meal, book multiplex tickets, perform safe banking transactions, streaming videos and music on the go et al. keeping in touch with friends and family on either side of globe is no more a herculean task. Managing work from home has become like a child’s play all thanks to the Top Mobile App Development companies in both B2B and B2C category.

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The demand for more and more functional apps has led to a widespread engagement of both companies and individuals in the mobile app development market. Let us now take a keen look at the Top Trends in emerging App Market.

  1. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is the biggest thing that had happened in the App. development circle as it has benefitted many enterprises and individuals to keep their data on cloud and access from anywhere to everywhere with n number of people logged in at one time. The cloud technology has taken the digital world by storm when helping in the Backend operations. About 70-75% of Smartphone users are increasingly relying on cloud storage as it takes up minimum place in the phone storage system and  data can be accessed from multiple devices leading to a seamless portability of devices and connectivity. Small and large businesses, Enterprises and normal computing consumers are swiftly shifting to the Cloud ,If you are looking for top Cloud computing companies in the Middle East visit edesk HUB for all your need as per your budget or we can help you to select the best cloud computing services via our assisted services

  1. Enterprise Mobile Apps

The Mobile Apps that are developed keeping an enterprise into consideration are Enterprise mobile app. They are exclusively used by the company and its employees as they make it easy to keep track of the KPI’s. Enterprise app stores are offering incredible opportunity to new app developers for coming up with innovative, task centric B2B app.

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  1. IoT

Internet of Things is a whopping $19 trillion industry, and it is no news to know that more than 5 billion people are already attached with IoT in one form or the other. IoT is a part of wearable devices, smart and digital bulbs, streetlights etc. IoT has highly influenced the major sectors like healthcare, marketing, business etc.

  1. Location-based Wi-Fi Services

 With the increasing rate of data plans, it is becoming more and more important to create a local Wi-Fi network service that benefits everybody. Apple has become the pioneer in this industry by acting first and creating Beacon technology for its customers. It is expected that Android will follow the footsteps of Apple and create a similar platform for all its users enabling them to get rid of dearer data plans that are burning a hole in their pocket. Another advantage of Location based Wi-Fi is that the enterprise can have the data base as to where actually lies the highest density of customer population and how to target them with beneficial schemes and customer specific content. 

  1. m-Commerce

After e-commerce, m-commerce app. is the new giant ready to take the market by storm. With more and more advanced features being added in the smart phones technology of the likes of NFC, Fingerprint recognition, etc. there is an increased usage of money transactions being done through mobile phones. The app developers are presented with tremendous opportunity to build m-Commerce apps that provides accuracy and functionality to the consumer. 

  1. High-quality UX

The criteria for purchasing smart phone for one’s use is increasingly changing day by day due to the introduction of several smart features by various companies. A Smartphone user nowadays expects the pre-installed apps to be relevant, innovative and customer centric. The need for secured app will always be on a rise.

  1. In-App Advertising and Purchasing

With an increase in the number of Smartphone’s being used by consumers, a lot of mobile apps are used to perform tedious day to day task that are increasing the proceeds generated from the in-app advertisement and purchase. It is also expected to generate great revenue by the end of the decade.

  1. Exposure to hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are the new big thing in the app market. They combine all the good elements of native as well as of the web apps. It gives the opportunity to the users to access the contents that are both locally shared and that are shared online with the help of other devices. Hybrid application development employs native app features and capabilities

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  1. App Security

With increased advancements in the field of technology on day to day basis, security of the data and content becomes a major concern for the end user. Though major app sharks in the market have already become the target of anti-secure elements, so it has also become increasingly important for developers to create secured apps and ensure apps that will secure the existing apps in the mobile phones.

  1. New-gen Mobile Games

With more and more advancement done in the work field, how can recreation field be left behind. A lot of stress is laid on developing innovative and entertaining games which caters to both single and multi-player games.


Well, knowing the top trends in the emerging market, one can certainly sit back and relax as most of the workload is taken care of by cloud technology; security is taken care by secured apps and recreation by gaming. Around 58% of organizations have already deployed enterprise applications. However, demand for mobile enterprise apps will be about five times more than the combined supply capacity of developers! Do not miss the bus amidst the scramble for talent. Visit eDesk HUB to leverage our expertise and experience in rolling out top mobile app development companies of the highest quality, to transform your business.