Top E-commerce Companies in the Middle East

Top E-commerce companies in the Middle East


The Middle East has registered a record sale through its online e-commerce sales in recent years and the trade pundits are expecting these sales to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years too. Undoubtedly, Middle East is fast becoming an enviably growing hub for e-commerce. Everything right from the top brand cars, to the enviously magnificent bags, dresses; shoes, jewelry, electronics, even household items are just a click away.

According to an online survey performed in Middle East, it is seen that internet users on an average spend a little more than two hours every day browsing through the various ecommerce websites. Out of a total of 212 million people in Middle East, about 90 million are ecommerce users. Statistically, this means that every third person in Middle East has used ecommerce sites at least once for buying or selling something.  It also shows that about 68% men are actively shopping from the ecommerce websites and on the contrary only 32% females are visiting or shopping from these websites. The ecommerce audience is also experiencing a pleasant rise of 41% users in the age group of 16-25 yrs., which is expected to grow even more with the widespread knowledge of available shopping benefits and highly secured payment systems through credit and debit cards.

About 47% people in MENA region rely on paying through prepaid cards or debit cards when shopping online; this is closely followed by 31% credit card users and 23% other users who prefer COD (cash on delivery) and other available options to shop from ecommerce sites. This flexibility and ease of ordering and payments are one of the biggest reasons that people are getting hooked to ecommerce shopping and the numbers of shoppers are certainly increasing day by day which results in high competition between top ecommerce development companies in Middle East

Here is a compilation of top 11 e-commerce sites that are prominently setting new benchmarks and standards in the e-commerce and are loved and relied by people in this region.

1.    Awok ( is an e-commerce website that offers elite quality products in jewelry, electronics, toys etc. The best thing about that makes it a name to reckon with quality is that it offers multiple modes of payments, right from Cash on delivery, to credit cards, debit cards, EMI’s etc. It offers quick and efficient delivery of products along with a 24-hour customer support system. guarantees 100% genuine products with a 14-day hassle free exchange or return policy.   

2. ( is a one of a kind website dedicated to skin and body care products. The most pleasing experience that a customer gets from shopping on this website is that all the products available on this portal are backed by a dermatologist. boasts of the largest collection of Skin and body care cosmetics as well as pharmaceutical products that are offered to customers with a quick delivery system. The website also offers after sale customer support system to its customers in the Middle East. 

3.    Blowout and Go (

Blowout & Go is an amazing website service that comes to the rescue of the men and women seeking impeccable style when making outdoor appearances. It is a service based website dedicated to taking care of horrendous bad hair and makeup. It offers the customers the flexibility to book makeup and hairstylist services from the comfort of their house. Blowout & Go boasts of the best hairstylist and makeup artists who have a large experience of working in this industry. The trained stylists and staff can also accompany the customer to the places of their choice to make red carpet and other important event appearances impeccable. 

4. ( is a happening e-commerce portal for offering Mall like shopping experience for top brands of cosmetics, perfumes, accessories especially watches from the top-notch brands of the likes of Gucci, Hugo Boss, CK, Guess etc. It also offers envious deals on several fashion apparels, footwear, accessories of the likes of sunglasses, belts bags etc. in the Middle East. Apart from the international brands, Brandsbay also offers items from local as well as in-house brands that are prominent throughout the MEA region. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority of Brandsbay and hence committed to provide best services to its customers.

5. ( is Middle East’s biggest electronic online portal. It not only sells consumer electronics, but also provides great deals in selling computers, mobiles etc. Buyondubai is widely appreciated and respected by its customers due to on time delivery system of products, elevating shopping experience, easy checkout process and hassle free return policy. It has set a benchmark in the field of e-commerce with its customer centric policy.

6. ( was an idea put into being in the year 2013 during the e-commerce revolution in Dubai. It has now become the biggest and craziest shopping hub in UAE. It offers extensive range of products to choose from all types and brands of the likes: You name it we’ve got it. Products right from electronics, jewelry, skincare and beauty, accessories, toys etc. are available here.

7. (

It is a universal marketplace that offers new products as well as used and renovated products online to the shoppers across Middle East looking both for quality and quantity. The best feature of this website is that it offers a lot of control to the sellers to handle their products and offer deals that are mutually beneficial for both.

8. (

One’s search for an ultra comfortable furniture ends right here at IKEA. It is a mega furniture industry working its base in Dubai. It offers an ease of buying furniture from the comfort zone of one’s house and that too at no extra transportation costs. Buying furniture had never felt this comfortable and easy.

9. (

WantITbuyIT is a company based in Kuwait, it a division of BURHAN TECHNOLOGY CO. It is a leading Company that offers IT services and plans to keep up with the IT needs of the companies and private professionals. They sell an all-inclusive range of electronics right from latest notebooks, scanners, desktops, laptops, and computer software and hardware parts. It is the most bankable and trusted website for IT enthusiasts and up graders.

10. (

One of the most esteemed and highly praised ecommerce website of MEA is It is a shopper’s paradise as it boasts of something for everyone. It offers literally everything right from healthcare, beauty, fashion, furniture, gadgets, electronics etc. Almost everything is available in this shopping portal.

11.     Cobone ( was launched in Dubai in the year 2010, I when the e-commerce industry was in its nascent state in UAE. Today, cobone is the Middle East’s biggest group buying site that features daily offers and exclusive deals on the best things to do, best places to eat, and best places to shop in and around the Middle East.\

12.    Boutiqaat ( is an amazing website that provides a platform for all make up and accessory enthusiasts to know their products along with offering a wide range of skincare, hair care, beauty care products  and accessories like eyewear, hijaab, scarves etc. from a wide array of National and International brands. The best thing about Boutiqaat is that customers, experts and even celebrities all have a dedicated boutique section where they share their beauty regime, their ideas about beauty and reviews about the products that they swear by. Certainly the best website to look out for if one is a big fan of enhancing their personality with the right use of accessories and beauty products. 

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With the least trace of doubt, the above list of top11 e-commerce websites and companies in Middle East, it is evident that a large percentage of Middle Eastern population has got hooked to online shopping that offers great convenience and hassle free experience with great payment modes that are suitable for all type of shoppers. Even new ecommerce portals are coming up on daily basis which certainly hints towards the vast market and future growth of ecommerce in Dubai making it a large hub soon and increase the demand of Ecommerce development companies in UAE. This is just the beginning of the best phase of ecommerce in Middle East and eDesk HUB helps you to select the best Ecommerce development firm as per your need & budget via assisted services. Browse eDesk HUB for more details.