Things to do Before Launching your Business Startup

Business Startup


Many of us think of launching our own company but only a few actually go ahead and do something about it. There could be several pointers that business experts recommend when you decide to launch a startup; but rarely will you get any advice on what to do before the launch happens. Marketing and promotional activities are most important for a new business, but are considered to be a challenge for a newbie.

Building an actual audience before you have something concrete to offer is critical and quite difficult. If you have heard about pre-launch marketing, here are some important tips that will help you with your business startup in the Middle East geography.

Many companies have successfully built a popular target audience with marketing before the business stands on its feet. Here some pointers:

#1 Contacts

The first thing to do is to gather all your contacts and collate them at one place. Working in an industry gives you the chance to meet several business colleagues and acquaintances in the past. Now is the time to cultivate your contacts and get a first-hand list ready. All this data can be put on a customer relationship management tool like Zoho or Salesforce and merged together to get a final list of people. Out of these, many could be business influencers and some could become your contact for the media industry. You will need the help of everyone as and when the launch happens. You can further think of putting in a LinkedIn profile too so that you get a quick look at their professional achievements.

#2 Build a Website & Get a Sign up Form

Building a website is imperative in today’s connected world. It is further important for generating and capturing visitor interest can become their first line of contact to connect with your company. Offering something of value to the visitors will enable them to sign up and register. You could plan some giveaways that make people watch you more closely and build interest in your business.

Moreover, make it a point to monitor your sign ups on a daily basis to get to know how many visitors you are getting each day. Most of the CRM software offer free tools to make sign up forms, which you can put up on your website.

#3 Content

At the pre-launch stage, content is your best friend. Reason being, you can start building momentum for your startup with the help of quality content and using trending keywords to build a great search engine presence. Key is to offer great content about topics pertaining to your industry on regular basis.

If you are not yet sure about what to write, you can offer sneak peek to your business progress and your industry. For instance, you can write about industry trends, your business progress and even about industry leaders. All these different posts add color to your web presence as it inches closer to the final launch stage.

Make a blog section that is search engine optimized and reach out to social media channels to share and distribute content from the blog.

#4 Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Getting active on Facebook and Twitter is critical for your startup and its promotion. Invite your contacts and friends to “like” your page and the shared content. You can follow and like various business leaders, influencers and competitors. Get in touch with some press outlets to get promotion for your launch and engage with interested visitors by offering new and rich information.

Work out the same way on Twitter as well. Tweet about your business, your ideas, industry new and progress. Check out industry leaders and business influencers and re-tweet their comments on industry trends.

Send emails to your LinkedIn connections and inform them about your startup progress. Share useful content on the platform and post to relevant LinkedIn groups as well.

#5 Email Marketing

Make use of your contact list and send them emails informing them about your startup and offering some incentive on becoming the early access holders. Make the emails personalized and offer value instead of coldly promoting your business venture.

Send these emails on a weekly basis to all those who have signed up. Include links to your weekly blogs, industry news and make them a part of your startup.

You can make use of professional email marketing software like VerticalResponse for this purpose.

#6 Tracking is Critical

Make sure that you are capturing and tracking all data via Google Analytics. Track your web site clicks and blog visitors and analyze where the traffic is coming from and which are the most popular forms of content that are being visited and shared and work on similar ones.

You can track user engagement on each of the posts that are being shared or liked on the social media. What drives more clicks and what drives user interest.

Launching a startup is not easy; there is a lot to do in terms of marketing and promotion, which is key to the success of your business. Keeping a check on the above listed points can help you move ahead swiftly.