Things That are Keeping Your App from Ranking Higher

Things That Are Keeping Your App from Ranking Higher


Every mobile app developer be it an established enterprise or a freelancer are faced with this question numerous times as to, “why my app is not ranking higher in the app. store?” and the answer to this question is certainly dependent on many factors right from targeting the correct keywords, positive reviews or ratings, to naming the app, choosing the top mobile app development company  etc. Here we are listing a few eye openers that can help you increase the ASO as well as help in ranking your app. higher on the App. store. But, before that let’s get a little information about an ASO?

An ‘App Store Optimization’ or ASO is a technique that helps the app developers and enterprises to know and improve the rating of the app. It works like SEO with both on a page and off page tricks to improve the ASO of an app. The tactics followed here will help the App. developer get more installs and visibility for the App.  For improving one’s app ranking, following key points can be kept in mind: 

Keyword Analysis

While an app is launched in the market, the first thing that every developer takes care is of keywords. Due to this very reason, the app starts at a higher ranking when first launched but, as the time passes, one realizes that the same keywords are not helping anymore. What to do now? The answer to this question lies in the fact that the keyword analysis is an ongoing process. To achieve higher ranking in App. store one must update the keywords from app store’s search algorithm and keep a tab on competitor’s keywords used as well. So, keyword analysis is the top most priority in keeping your app. rating higher.

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Positive Ratings and Reviews

Having positive, fresh and relevant reviews are certainly a boon when rating an app. There could be a possibility that either the app is not receiving many reviews or are gaining negative reviews. These problems can be fixed by asking the users to rate the app and leave reviews according to their experience which can help by making amendments in the app and fix the problem. Secondly, Fix the issues that are faced by the end users, update the app and inform the user of the updated version. This will surely get the app positive reviews and may also lead to higher rankings as well as visibility in the app. store.  

Appropriate App Name

Out of many reasons, this one could be the most appropriate reason as to why the app. is not ranking higher in the app. store. The name of the app. plays a very vital role in its ranking as it is the first thing that is considered whenever a query is searched. As per an ASO study, it is found out that an app with an appropriate title is supposed to rank almost 10.3% higher than its contemporaries and add the appropriate keywords the percentage goes much higher.

Also, adding relevant keywords, in the app. name helps in the visibility of the app. in the app store thereby significantly increasing the rate of app. download by the users. 

Planning App Marketing

Everything that is visible to the consumers can be sold; same is true for the app as well. Planning and successfully executing app marketing can give an app great rankings as well as much needed reviews from the users thereby leading it to rank higher in the order. Just building a great innovative state of the art is just not enough, the right marketing and great reviews are extremely necessary for the visibility and knocking of the app in the user's mind, ultimately which will help them to step up the ranking of the app. Few sure shot ways to market an app is to write blogs regarding the app and its usability and share it on social media. Make industry influential people talk about the app on national as well as international podiums or even just spread the word.

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Appropriate keywords under 100 characters

Using appropriate keywords to describe the app so that the search algorithm is able to show the app in the search results is crucial for the ranking of the app. Keywords up to 100 characters are just the right thing to do.

  • Avoid using the following if you want higher ratings:
  • Avoid using a name for your app that is similar to an already existing app. This will simply confuse the users and they might end up ignoring the app in the first place.
  • Avoid using celebrity names and trademarks in your keywords without prior permission as it might lead to the barring of your app.
  • Choose the categorization of the app wisely. Remember what the core functions of your app are and then add it under that category for better ratings.
  • The app description should be user-friendly. It should cover the benefits of the app., should have good testimonials and press coverage, should also contain information about the current version and latest updated version as well.
  • The first few lines of the description are as far as a viewer goes when reading about an app. Optimizing the first few lines in the description of the app helps in the engaging of the user and ultimately the download of the app.
  • Avoid going overboard with the screenshots of the app. showing off the best features of your app in two or three hi-res screenshots will suffice to attract a prospective user.
  • Don’t just restrict your app. to the English language. The more localized the app. the more it would be largely preferred and used. One can start with changing the app title, a few keywords and description in foreign languages and when the app picks up more features can be added for the localizing of the app.
  • Don’t be lazy and leave the app once it is launched. Update the app on regular basis to be at par with the app store policies. Also, the regularly updated app shows a developers and enterprises commitment towards its product and the users.
  • Don’t think that reviews will be generated on their own. Try to ask the users to rate the app and add reviews so that an effort can be made in providing the best experience to the users.
  • Don’t think marketing as an unnecessary expenditure. Evaluate your marketing strategies time and again, offer discounts to premium apps, collaborate with online portals for some giveaway etc. and keep your name floating with increased rating and sensible marketing strategies.

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Wrapping up: 

ASO is highly responsible for the high ranking of any app on the app store. The bottom line is to keep implementing the above suggestions for a good response on ASO. These things are sure to get your app a higher ranking in the app store along with more and more users.