Ranking System on eDesk HUB


eDesk HUB is a platform that brings together qualified and verified service providers from different technology fields. Whether you are a mobile app development company or a digital marketing agency, you can be listed on eDesk HUB to experience a wider client base and great opportunities for highlighting your expertise. A stable presence on a platform like eDesk HUB can bring you rich dividends in terms of quality leads and great reviews.

Service Providers that register on the eDesk HUB platform are individually scored based on specific parameters. Providers that have the highest ranks will be visible on search results and hence will get to come on top of search results, enjoy more views and eventually earn more leads.

Score Calculation

Each service provider company registered on eDesk HUB is provided with a score that enables the company to get on top of the search-listing page.  The following parameters become the basis on which the provider companies get a score.

#1 Number of references and feedbacks received from clients

The amount of client references and feedbacks that service provider company receives forms a base on which scores are given. These client references are important for providers to gain not just good scores but also to get good leads that bring them maximum business.

#2 Average Budget of the Project

Different projects are worked on diverse budgets. The service provider working on any given budget is entitled to a score that contributes to his individual score. This score is influenced by project budget that provider and client work within.

#3 References received on Service Category

The client references received on service category also gives a score to the provider. This score is provided based on the service delivered on a particular category under which the service provider company has registered and selected on the profile page.  

#4 Average Rating

All the service providers are rated on eDesk HUB platform based on the rating provided by the client. The Average rating here is calculated with the help of multiple scores and ratings that the provider has received.

#5 Admin Rating

Besides the above forms of score and rating, the eDesk HUB Admin also provides a rating value based on their market presence and total experience. The admin carefully analyses the service provider profile and client references and gives a score. This score also influences the ranking and score of provider.

From the above, we can see how scores and rating is given to service providers on eDesk HUB. Higher scores and ratings help the provider to feature in top searches faster. However, under any given situation, paid subscribers will be given prominence on the search results as compared to free subscribers.

We hope this will help you understand our methodology and give you an idea how to feature among the top searched lists.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our process, please feel free to reach us and clear them out.