PHP VS .NET - Cost, Scalability, Support & Performance

PHP VS .NET - Cost, Scalability, Support & Performance


Webpages are all through the internet. There are a lot of programming languages available in the market to develop webpages. The most popular languages out of these are .NET and PHP. Both these languages are powerful in their own ways and hence a lot of developers and top software development companies are in a doubt on which one is the best to create a webpage for their establishment. If you are one of them, here are some points which might help you clear the air on which would be the right programming language to choose for your website.

Fundamental Differences

PHP is a scripting language that is designed for web development. .NET is a powerful framework that was developed by Microsoft to develop robust webpages that are cross platform compatible. .NET helps to develop high performance applications in less time and these applications are cross platform compatible if developed with .NET.


Webpages developed in both the languages are fast and scale ahead in performance. So, there is pretty much no difference if you choose .NET over PHP or vice versa in terms of performance. There are a lot of myths that the sites that use PHP are slower in performance and speed. But this isn’t the case; famous sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Yahoo are all standing examples for the performance rendered by PHP. So, there is no doubt that PHP is no less than .NET when it comes to performance.


When it comes to Scalability, both ASP.NET and PHP are extremely scalable. There is no scale to measure which language is the best in terms of scalability. We all know that the social networking giant Facebook is built using PHP whereas the MySpace website is the best example for the scalability of ASP.NET. 


Since PHP is an open Source language, it has a lot of developers and companies using it. The count exceeds more than the developers of ASP.NET. Hence the language is more matured and robust. The support it offers exceeds the support offered by ASP.NET due to the rate of support it gets from developer forums. Both boast vibrant communities that post regularly to online forums, so if you’re looking for answers to problems, you’re likely to find both communities helpful. But there is no doubt that PHP has a lot of active developer forums that offer free advice and solutions to those in search of it. So, PHP forums would be the quicker ones to answer your queries.

Easy to comprehend

PHP is easier to learn if you are a beginner when compared to ASP.NET. The syntax used in PHP is a lot simpler compared to ASP.NET and that a layman or anyone new to programming can easily pick it is more complicated than PHP due to the overall .NET architecture and its C++ inheritances. 

Platform Dependency

PHP is platform independent and can run on any platform like Linux, Unix, Mac OS and Windows. Whereas ASP.NET is platform dependent and can run only on windows.

 Deployment time

It takes a greater amount of code to get complex features and functionalities done with compared to PHP which in turn takes a toll on the development process. Meanwhile, PHP which is a server side scripting language is interpreted at the server, so if you are changing functionality, there are no additional steps required to see the changes. On the other hand, the coding done with needs to be compiled each time on modification which is a time-consuming process. Hence PHP is faster than ASP.NET when it comes to coding and deployment. 

Availability of tools and Editors:

Editor for PHP is independent. Most PHP developers prefer using text editors like VIM and Notepad++ instead of a full-fledged IDE. ASP.NET is also supported by most IDEs but is mostly used with Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft VS is one of the most powerful, feature-rich and flexible IDEs.

How much does it cost to choose ASP. NET over PHP

When it comes to cost, we all know that development in ASP.NET is only possible using Windows and the Microsoft license comes with a cost. PHP takes advantage of the cost here since it is an open source language and all the frameworks it supports are open source too. 

What ASP.NET can do that PHP cannot do


ASP.Net is highly secured than PHP. ASP.NET has few methods which makes it unsurpassed and secure. SQL Injection can be prevented using the SQL Parameters which comes along with ASP.NET that enables us to minimize the injection. ASP.NET features a security namespace that defines all the methods that an organization can use to protect its system.


.NET can do threads, while PHP cannot do threads. 

Advantages PHP over .NET 

  • PHP is free and can be developed on any platform.
  • You can start developing PHP without having to install too many things like Apache, editors etc.
  • PHP will run on essentially any server, for free.
  • PHP does not use compiled code like ASP.NET and hence minimizes the time taken to make modifications
  • PHP has a volume of ready-made components, controls, libraries, and frameworks that are available for use which makes it faster to assemble than .NET.
  • There are a lot of PHP frameworks that are available in the market, such as Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Symfony, Smarty etc., which are also open-source; when we talk about .Net; we see that it has only .Net Framework which is not free either.
  • PHP is more robust than .NET. 

Advantages of .NET over PHP: 

  • .NET is statically typed language that allows much better tooling, refactoring, and maintenance of the code. It is especially useful when the code base grows and when multiple programmers works on the same project.
  • ASP .NET and NET Framework itself is the largest and most extensive set of libraries ever made.the .
  • Debugging is made easier. You can set a breakpoint in your code; debug your application step by step.
  • Visual Studio enables building applications very quickly by simply dragging and dropping tools.
  • Caching is also easier in ASP.NET.  

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Here’s a table of differences that will help you understand the differences at a glance



.NET is also open source but .Net requires windows that is expensive

PHP is an open source

.NET is a programming framework

PHP is a programming language

.NET is complied

PHP is interpreted

It does not work in platforms other than windows.

It works well in any platform

It can be used only with IIS server.

It can be used with any server.

Code execution is slow as it uses COM based architecture that causes an overhead in the server space.

Code execution is faster as it uses in-built memory space.

It has only one framework

It has a lot of frameworks that are open source too

Cannot be easily learnt by a beginner due to code complexities.

Easy to code and comprehend by a layman as it boasts simple syntax.

Uses Microsoft VS

Uses text editors like VIM and Notepad++

More secured

Less secured

.NET’s syntax is based on the syntax of Visual Basic.

PHP is based on C++ language

.NET mainly uses MS-SQL for database which is again costly.

PHP can connect to various databases, mainly MySQL which is again an open source


Wrapping up, I would like to say that both the languages offer the same features. PHP has all the features of .NET and it is an open source tool and easy to learn too while NET has greater security than PHP. At the end of the day, it all depends on the programmer and the quality of code. As a web developer, you can carefully analyze what suits your skill and project and take the plunge. As a business enterprise, you can thoroughly research on what suits your requirements and select the top PHP development companies or .NET development companies to entrust the mammoth task per the technology.