Mobile Application Development - Android vs iOS

Mobile Application Development - Android vs iOS


We all live in a smart world and this technically smart world is operated on mainly two operating systems that are always working hard to outshine each other in more than one ways to mention. These two operating systems are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS system predominantly used in smart phones and tablets. iOS is a user-friendly system and has a more consistent design whereas Android is an open source which exhibits same features as that of a PC and is a Linux based system.

One can always choose a Smartphone or tablet based on these two systems and their acquaintance with the system. When switching from android to iOS or vice versa, one should always keep in mind that one might need to purchase all apps again if the basic system is changed or switched over to. Also, one more thing to remember is that Android is used on almost all the Smartphone’s available in the market but iOS is only used by Apple iPhone and other devices of Apple Inc.

Top Line Platform States for App Users

Top Line Platform States for App Users

Let me just help you understand the two systems better along with their basic differences with this tabular chart.

Apple’s iOS vs. Google’s Android




Star rating

current rating is 3.87/5 (2302 ratings)

current rating is 4.13/5 (2070 ratings)

Maiden developer

Apple Inc.


Date of Release




An iOS is a closed source model with open source components

An android is an Open source model


Finite, but can be expanded once it is jailbroken.

Highly customizable

File transfer

Arduous. iTunes desktop app. Is required for moving media files. Photos can be moved out using USB port.

Effortless. Movement and transferability of data files and media files can be done using USB port as well as File Transfer desktop app.


iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)

All the phones and tablets based on android systems namely Samsung, Sony, Moto-G, HTC and LG.

Calls and messaging

iMessage and FaceTime can be done with other Apple devices only. Apps like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Duo and Skype all work on Android and iOS both.

Google Hangouts is exclusive to android and all other apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Duo and Skype all work on Android and iOS both.

Apps availability

Apple app store boasts of more than 1,000,000 apps

Google Play too is in the same league of 1,000,000+ apps.

Video chat

FaceTime only for Apple devices and other apps like WhatsApp, Skype etc.

Google Hangouts and other apps. Like WhatsApp and skype.

Operating System



Open source

Based on the open-source Darwin OS.

Kernel, UI, and some standard apps

Internet browsing

Mobile Safari also some other browsers are available

Google Chrome along with other android based browsers.


Apple Maps

Google Maps

Available language(s)

up to 34 Languages

up to 32 Languages

Alternative app stores and side loading

No alternative app. Stores

There are many alternative app stores available but download from these apps and stores could be virus causing and risky.

Battery life and management

Decent battery life but not as big as Android

Large batteries with longer life.

File manager



Cloud services


Available with google cloud storage


Extremely Secure as people rarely go outside the appstore for apps. And hence do not encounter any malware.

Secure if using play store , yet it lags behind in sending updated software.

1. Development

Development of Software on operating systems:

The best thing about an Android development system is about its easy accessibility, easy start up and equally easy distribution of apps to users. But, it was iOS that has kicked started the world of mobile apps. This brings us to the one big question: Which System is best to work with when you are a new developer?

Well, the answer to this is dependent on the following facts:

How good you are in learning the nuisances of a new programming language and getting down to work on it.

iOS Development

Apple’s iOS uses Xcode IDE with iOS SDK. Although Xcode supports many languages, yet a new programmer should choose Swift as it is more brief, apt and almost error free. One can also use Xcode with JavaScript or Python. One more prominent thing here is that Xcode runs only on Macs and if you do not own one currently then you would certainly have to invest your money in one that adds to the initial cost of investment in one’s business. Swift works with Cocoa Touch, which is an API for building iOS UI elements. This means you’re going to have to get your head around not only Swift but also Cocoa Touch and the iOS SDK.

Many iOS App Development companies looking for developers who are expert in Master Swift, design elegant interactions, and create a fully functioning iOS app

Android Development

On the other hand, android app development too is not a piece of cake. you’ll need an IDE which in this case is probably going to be Android Studio This includes programming in Java along with SDK.

Both the systems are in one way or the other quite similar and demand equal attentiveness to get the hang of the system. Transition from one type of system to other certainly won’t be much difficult.

Both the systems have their equal amount of strengths and weaknesses and so both stand out and none can be ruled out on this basis being superior to the other. It’s true that the iOS simulator is considerably better for debugging than the Android emulators. On the other hand, you can install Android Studio on a PC or a Mac, which is a big win. And it has better autocomplete

Winner – Draw

2. Design Guidelines

Designing: Which one is better iOS OR Android

UI elements in Android are far clearer and precise and have a mass appeal to it and gave us Material Design to refer to. On the other hand, iOS design is little defined, generally has a frosted effect, along with the usage of large images. Navigation too is quite User friendly in the Android system than in an iOS as it lacks a back button. Well. Clearly from this argument on the guidelines of material designing, android is certainly a step ahead of iOS but still needs to keep pushing the limit to keep claiming its position as iOS too is not far behind. There’s no arguing that Google has provided some very clear guidelines for its developers when it comes to design – and for the most part this results in some rather pretty and intuitive UIs. There’s more guidance and documentation for Material Design and so Android comes out on top in this case.

Many top Android development companies follow these steps- Application development, App testing, and deployment to the Android App Store.

Winner – Android

3. Fragmentation

When it comes to comparing iOS and Android hardware from a developer’s perspective, one word springs immediately to mind: fragmentation.

When comparing two operative systems from the perspective of a software developer, fragmentation is the first word to pop up in the conversation. Android is a vastly used software for most of the smartphones and tablets and hence when developing it for one device, it would mean to updating it for countless other android devices as well, that includes different screen sizes, DPI’s as well as aspect ratios. This certainly means that open source of the android system is to be blamed for this problem. On the other hand, iOS, does not encounter any such thing as it does not pertains to an open source.

Yet, Android is certainly losing the battle at fragmentation and here iOS emerges as the winner.

Winner – iOS

4. Publishing and Restrictions

Publishing to the Play Store vs the App Store

Publishing to the Play Store vs the App Store

Publishing to the Play Store vs the App Store

Publishing on Android is easy, all one needs to do is sign up and upload APK. Just after a couple of hours it’d be live in play store and readily available for people to download. One has to pay just a onetime payment of $25 and they are good to go, whereas on an iOS one needs to pay annual fee of $99 that too is a recurring. Also, submission of apps is done formally and before uploading are first tested by real life humans and then given thumbs up or a no nod to its submission. So, based on publishing’s and restrictions, an android is certainly more worth it starts up than iOS, yet, Apple has its own terms of sure benefits as it always chooses to maintain the high-quality standards of app available on the App store to its users.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Winner – Play Store

5. Profits

Revenue Models

Revenue Models

Revenue Models - Source:

An App Store is a winner when it comes to reaping benefits and earning profits, despite of the fact that many downloads are done from Android Play store. The reason behind this difference is that the iOS users are definitely willing to spend more on app purchases and downloads. So, profits are certainly a big consideration when deciding as to what should be ones choice of development. The above discussion now brings us to a more practically potential question:

Winner – iOS

Which is Better for Start Up?

Well when answering this question, I firmly believe that there are a few more questions that one needs to ask oneself before narrowing down to its ultimate answer. Those questions are:

Who are your Target audience?

One should always ask oneself as to who are his target audiences as the app content will largely be based on that along with knowing this one fact that people of two different generations and belonging to different countries and cultures are not likely to choose the same thing.

How much are you willing to expend?

It is of utmost importance to know how much one can expend and invest in terms of time and money in certain project. iOS app development is quite helpful as it has a pre-crafted interface. Android has one drawback on that term because it is both time and money consuming.

How is your App going to benefit?

People pay for an app if it is a unique app and can be of utmost importance to the downloader. Although iOS users mostly purchase apps and also pay more for in app purchases in turn generating more revenue, but on the other hand an android app that is ad-supported, tends to get more downloads, yet brings in lesser revenue.

So, our conclusion here will be in favor of iOS as it tends to generate more revenue yet we cannot conclude that Google is any less as the benefits are not immediate but may turn out more with increasing users of vast countries.


The weighting you give each of these points will come down to your own preferences and goals, and that will ultimately decide which platform is best for you. There are other aspects to think before choosing a platform for app development iOS is a better choice for a new enterprise or startup as Android OS is complexed and afford longer development times and testing. Find the best Mobile App development companies in Middle East via eDesk HUB - Detailed customer reviews of leading mobile application development firms. Find the mobile app development agency for your needs.