How to Use Your Most Popular Pages to Generate Leads

How to Use Your Most Popular Pages to Generate Leads


Why it's important to have strong conversion paths on your pages with the most traffic: 

Traffic isn’t always a bad thing. When it comes to webpages for businesses, Traffic is always welcome. The more traffic comes in, more the chances of conversion rate. Be it a simple blog or an ecommerce website with numerous pages, Traffic is everywhere and optimizing your page for it is highly necessary to reduce bounce rate. But if your traffic goes unhandled then things might go helter skelter and prove adverse for your business. Irrespective of the size, even if your site has thousands of pages or may be a few hundred pages, you will find that that traffic remains concentrated in few pages. There is no doubt that your homepage or the landing page would top this list because that’s going to be the first page user’s land which is the face of your website. Next comes the “Contact Us”, “About Us” page and few popular pages of your website. With a lot of people landing on these pages at the same time optimizing these pages is inevitable. This might take a toll on the time and cost but it is required to keep up the reputation of your business and convert those visitors into valuable customers for your business. Top Digital Marketing companies are optimizing the websites, social media channels and doing ORM to gain visibility in search engines. To optimize your pages, firstly you will have to identify the pages that obtain a lot of traffic. So how do I find those pages? The answer is Google Analytics.


How to check which page is your most visited in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google to track your website traffic and generate reports. It is a free yet powerful tool to put an end to all your optimization woes. All you have to do is create an account to setup Google Analytics for your websites. It gives you a lot of information regarding the traffic of your site like the number of active users in your website and the traffic it faces. There are in-depth reports on users, traffic, content and goals of your website which help you in conversions.


Google Analytic Dashboard

Google Analytic Dashboard

Of these utilities offered by Google analytics, you can find out the most popular web pages of your site by looking at the "Top Content" report. To view the report, login to Google analytics and click the View Report link next to your blog name on its home page. This will lead you to your Dashboard. Click Content from the menu in the left, and then select Top Content. This will give you the number of page views for each page of your website and how long the visitors were there on the pages. This will help you to decide the key content that should be a part of the main flow of the site.

Top Landing Pages 

Top Content - Source:


Why is it important to have strong conversion paths on your pages with the most traffic?

Once you zero down the pages that have the maximum traffic, the next step would be to optimize them to give your site a good performance. A Conversion Rate Optimization Report published by Econsultancy says that companies that optimize their pages are probable to double their sales percentages. When a customer visits your page, he would not want to waste even ten seconds waiting for your page to load or searching for the intended task. He expects things to happen in a wink of an eye. Optimization of your page leads it to rank in the top pages of Google search results too. This means that the potential customers who are looking for your products will arrive at your doorstep.


How do you Generate leads?


  1. Blink test

This is a prime factor in lead conversion since it makes your page available to the user who is searching for it. Once the user decides to try out your website, it is necessary to not keep him waiting for more than a blink of an eye to capture his attention on the important stuff he needs to know regarding your website. The customers just take a second to decide to judge and leave the page. This duration should be utilized to get his attention to the interesting areas that the site offers and retain him. There are a lot of factors to watch out for in a blink test, but let us take the two most important factors for now.

  • Page load time:

Checking page loading time is important for optimization. You should check if the page loads all the intended features within a wink of an eye. Page load time is an important factor in SEO for your page to appear among the top pages in Google search results. So, go ahead and test your top pages for load time by plugging their URLs into Google's Page Speed Testing tool. So, if your page loads faster, the more traffic it'll get.

  • Right Design:

The second important factor is right design that focuses all the important aspects of the webpage. Adhering to strict guidelines of web designing will help to achieve this factor. To know the best practices essential for developing a good web design in detail, check out web development best practices & checklist The right design will help the user find what he is seeking in your website sans any hassle.

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  1. Right lead capture tools>

Identifying the leads and getting to know which part of the website has helped in lead conversion is necessary. Hence choosing the right CMS will integrate your content with all the marketing channels available in the market. This will help you to increase the conversion rate of the leads. Along with the right CMS, the use of the below tools will help you get to know the lead behavior in your site.

CTA Templates:

CTA is required when it comes to sales. Just because CTA is important and you don’t have a budget for it, doesn’t mean that you need to forsake the plan. There are a lot of free CTA templates available in the market for you to customize and use according to the requirement. You can make use of these to create your own CTA’s for your website. 


This helps you to thoroughly understand your website visitors and their behavior. It has several cool features like heat maps, visitor recordings and conversion funnels that helps you understand what your targeted users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.

Use of form plugins:

You can use forms like Contact Form 7, Jetpack, or Google Forms to receive user details through form inputs and generate leads.

  1. Correct placements of CTA:

It is necessary to place your CTA’s in the right place where user can find them easily. You must decide the action the user needs to take on your site and design the CTA placements accordingly to catch the user attention. For example, if you take any webpage, the main CTA’s will be sign in, sign up, subscribe newsletter, share etc. These should be placed in a way that the user can find them easily.

In a survey, it reported that users usually read site content in an F shaped pattern starting from top left to right. So, if you place the CTA’s in these places, there will be a drastic increase in the conversion.


Landing Page Layout

Landing Page Layout - Source: Web Design - Tuts+
  1. Making CTA Prominent:

The CTA’s should be placed correctly and prominently. Users do not have to look for them. It is up to us to make the CTA available for the users easily as users do not look for them spending their time on it.

Designing Eye catchy CTA’s are a solution to make it stand out from the rest of the content in your site. CTA designing tools like Canva helps you create images for free easily, quickly that you can use as your CTA images. Button Optimizer is another free tool that generates CTA buttons.

  1. Create offers for your most popular pages. 

To pull the users into the conversion funnel, promote a lot of offers. The offers are anything you give your visitors in exchange for getting them to do what you want. It could be coupons or discounts or a free trial version of product trial if they subscribe. The offer should be related to the product your website offers. Say for example in the image below, the page has offered discount for the users who sign up in order to convert their leads to potential customers. The customers would sign up for the website to avail that offer and also purchase from it.

Discount Offers

Discount Offers - Source: Smashing Magazine

  1. Make sure that your page is optimized for mobile users.

With the smartphone penetration rate growing at a rapid rate, the users accessing websites through smartphone has increased compared to users accessing sites though desktops.  Smartphones are the convenient way for any user to access web pages. If your page is not optimized for mobile users, then be ready to lose a larger chunk of leads. Check if your CTA’s, forms, buttons and contents are optimized for mobiles and tablets.

According to a Survey by Adobe 30% left the site and 49% switched devices due to issue in website content. Hence to retain these potential customers, it is highly necessary to view each page from a mobile device and optimize it. To be the top in the market, you must undoubtedly optimize your site for mobile compatibility. Some of the mobile optimization include: making your CTA’s large and easy to tap in mobile so that the user does not have to zoom in to tap the CTA. Forms can be short with only necessary details to be filled by the user.  The fonts can be enlarged to make it easy for the user to read.

Wrapping up

To make your website help you to increase sales, it is inevitable to optimize your page. Identify the pages that are popular in your website and make it a powerful tool to capture leads for your business.  Top SEO companies in Middle East have been employing these practices to optimize the pages for their clients. You could approach a company for help to optimize your webpages to climb the ladder. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Improve visibility & Be found on Google's 1st Page, Gain Traffic & Convert Leads with our Tailored Solutions via eDesk HUB, it provides you list of top SEO firms in Middles East.