How to Choose the Right Web Design and Development Company

Web Design and Development Company


In today’s competitive world, if one wishes to excel and achieve mass success, it is mandatory to have best brand output for the customers. With the change in the marketing medium, the consumer has n-number of opportunities to choose from various mediums of social and mobile web. This leaves the company with a herculean task to find the best and the most efficient agency to deliver the company’s motto loud and clear across the potential customers. This brings us to the question: “What should a company’s website offer?” The answer to this question lies in the several factors that a website needs to offer their customers.

Here is a checklist of a few important things that a website should offer

  • It should be user friendly, helpful, and unique.

  • It should provide the user with an authentically crafted state of the art engaging experience.

  • Apt content that solves the doubts in the mind of the users and helps in expanding the knowledge about the product.

  • Easily accessible on all the smart devices i.e. mobiles, tablets, iPad etc.

  • It should be well endorsed and represented at several digital and social media platforms.

To say it in a layman’s language, a website should act as a virtual salesperson for the company and achieve the desired target for it.

Here’s a little to-do list for you to help you in zeroing on the best agency to fulfill your desired marketing goals.

1. Know your Goals

The first and foremost thing to decide when you are planning for a website is what are your potential and targeted goals to be achieved through this platform.

For instance, an e-commerce website, the main goal is on the ROI i.e. return of the investment made in the business that is then followed by conversion of sales and creating a customer niche and maintaining its demands. It is easy to zero on the agency that fits the criteria of your requirement when you know what you want and how you want that goal to be achieved.

Questions to ASK:

  • Ask the agency to prove their caliber by providing proofs of the past customers.

  • Ask for certain case studies and examples of how their approach has benefited a business?

  • How they are planning to achieve the prospective goals for your company?

2. Input cost vs. value Earned

The most difficult part of negotiations is to come down to a symbiotic deal which is beneficial for both the clients and the business owners. Knowing your budget and channelizing it according to your goals help in deciding the right cost that one should expend keeping in mind the future benefits that are to be achieved.

This discussion brings us back to the point how to rationalize the cost of the project? It’s simple…do the research and check how much have you spent on marketing in the past five years and what are the returns that you have gained from that investment? When you answer this question…you ultimately reach your final decision of input cost vs. value earned.

Questions to ASK

  • Ask the agency to provide you with evidences of their achievements and the results delivered by them. Also, remember that an agency with the right evidences and success rate is sure to achieve your desired goals; in that case money should not pose any hassles in finalizing the deal.

3. Success Record

What is the systematic approach of an agency in delivering your desired goals? The success record here does not refer to how long have the agency been in business, it directly depends on what are the path breaking ideas they come up with and what new strategy they apply towards fulfilling your vision. What is the grasp of the agency in the marketing your ideologies to the prospective customers.

Questions to ASK

  • Ask for certain client testimonials from the agency?

  • Ask about a similar case that they have dealt in marketing in recent years and provide you with the success rate.

  • Ask how they evaluate the results.

4. Open communication

Internet is an ever changing medium that is highly complex and technically herculean even for the ones that are working on it day in and day out. So, it is of utmost importance to understand what your web agency is offering in terms of technicalities of the business. When there is open communication with the agency, they explain all the details to you about how they are going to approach your goals? What are the targets they are seeking to complete? They will always keep all channels of communication open.

Questions to ASK

  • Firstly, ask the agency about the process and techniques that they are going to follow?

  • Why certain decisions are made and on what basis?

  • What are their recommendations on how to improve the customer database and retain them as well?

  • Never shy away from asking about the components of the web designs that are included in the website making.

5. Content comes first

Well, you are all set with the best demographic features for your website and are pretty impressed with the way it looks and functions. Still, there is one thing that you should never overlook and put at the backburner.

When choosing an agency, the content that they supply you with is an important aspect that needs consideration first. The content is the framework and foundation of a website. The stronger the foundation, and the beautiful the framework, the more credibility the housing content will have. The apt message conveyed by the content helps in maintaining the quality of website for a long time.

Questions to ASK

  • How will the content help the customers?

  • What is the agency’s approach towards the content of the website?

  • An agency that is clear in the content of your website is certainly going to create a niche for the company in the present market.

6. Set realistic goals

Set some realistic goals for your agency and see how far they reach in a few months time. Also, it is always better to make certain demarcations as to what will ensure that the money was well spent and has helped in fulfilling your expectations.

Certain goals that can be achieved and act as starting milestones are:

    • Help in generating more leads to expand the business and increase the revenue.

    • Helps in increasing the online sales of the product.

    • Helps in improving the brand consciousness and the product so offered.

    • Helps in staying aware of the customer demands and customer reviews.

Questions to ASK

      • What tools and services the agency intends to use to increase the appropriate traffic on the site?

      • What would they do to improve the sales of the company?

7. Maintaining the quality

A good web designing agency will always keep good business relations with their potential customers. Even after the launch of the website they will keep offering you with certain nit bit details about how to ensure that your future goals are achieved and How to keep yourself visible online etc. which will help in a long way in maintaining the quality of your website and help you reap the benefits of your fruits of labor.

Three key website development variables to make the best decision

Three Key Website Development Variables

Three key website development variables to make the best decision Source:

Type of information should you be researching when it comes to selecting a web design agency

  • Company History – how many years has this agency/firm been in business? If they’ve been in business for a few years you know that they have some years of experience underneath their belt and you aren’t going to be their guinea pig.

  • Company Team – how large and/or small is their team? Do the team members give an idea of their personality traits – do you think you’ll mesh well with them?

  • Does the agency have an in-house team? Do they have in-house specialists?

  • Company Portfolio – Look at recent design and development work that the agency has showcased. Write down what you like and/or don’t like about their work. Feedback is greatly appreciated by any web development agency no matter if it’s positive and/or negative.

  • Company References – Reach out to those parties that have used that web development agency and ask about their experience and the process that they went through while working with them. Take notes while you are speaking to that person; make a list of the pros and cons.

  • Search Rankings – This is very important to those firms that are looking to increase their search rankings. If the company isn’t coming up for primary location-based Web Design keywords, you should second guess your decision on talking to them. Local Search engine rankings are “HUGE”!

  • Responsive Website – Another key factor to consider is if the web development firm has a mobile-friendly website and if they specialize in responsive design.

Summary: Your website is one of the most vital pieces of your business. This is not an area where you can afford to cut corners. If you want a website that's going to work for your business, you have to be willing to invest in it. A great website will yield a high return on investment. A bad website will result in a stagnant business.

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