How to Choose the Right IT Company for your Project



If you have recently decided to make a big investment in a bespoke software project, you need to choose the right software company that can efficiently handle your project and lead it to success.

You may have the right concept for your project, but if it is executed poorly, it might result in absolute failure. Several web and mobile development companies out there can help you realize your dream. They can assist businesses with multifarious requirements and get your project up and running. But, how do you know which one is the best?

Do you decide based on domain compatibility or experience? eDesk HUB, a comprehensive research and review platform for the Middle East market offers you a bank of skilled software companies that can help you realize your project. Here are some considerations that we would advise you to keep in mind while choosing software development companies in Middle East.

#1 Technical Expertise

Majority of the IT companies would have a website that features some of their best work. The glimpses of their past work are an indicator of their technical abilities and the kind of projects they have handled in the past.

As a potential new client, you can ask them to share their portfolio and client references. This will give you a sufficient background on their past records. Alternatively or additionally, you need to assess their technical expertise and their work in latest technologies in similar domain as yours.

The companies listed at eDesk HUB are duly qualified to handle complex IT projects with professionalism and ease. The search process is simple and offers a large magnitude of results, which helps you select the best one.

#2 Business Experience

When you are aiming for a bespoke project, you need a solution that is workable in a real business situation. In functionality and form, the software should be practical. The software development company you choose should have the requisite experience so you have the assurance that it can create a customized solution as per your business need.

Companies registered with eDesk HUB have variegated experience and skilled teams who can work intricately on your project details.    

#3 Reputation

A company might have the best skillset to offer and the best quality; however, all of this becomes pointless if the company has a shoddy reputation or has a history of business malpractice. You need to look out for the company’s industry reputation.

An established company should have sizeable record of their past projects and client references. If this is absent, you should be asking why.

eDesk HUB has a stringent verification process which entails in-depth assessment that brings you the best of the lot. We feature companies that have a solid reputation and industry record.

#4 Methodology

What is the methodology followed at your organization? Are you working late shifts at night or prefer to work in the morning shift. What about weekends? All these questions must be clarified to ease collaboration between you and the proposed development company.

Furthermore, from a development process and budget perspectives, what type of engagement model do you prefer. When it comes to outsourcing your tech project, working with agile or hybrid agile methodologies can be a good choice.

#5 Professionalism & Confidentiality

Qualified companies create a professional software program or application. You need to check if your proposed choice gives you this impression. Is their website professional looking? Is their behavior in client interaction and social media good enough? Depending upon your project matter, discretion and confidentiality is particularly important.

The company you choose will be responsible for your project. Making a wise choice is critical for your project as well as your business and eDesk HUB will help you make a prudent choice regarding this.

#6 Client References

A company that is several years old might have lot of experience to show; but it is not necessary that their work is best in the industry/domain. Experience is not a testament to good work, client references and recommendations are.

Companies listed at eDesk HUB have their background checked. In fact, client references are a crucial part of our assessment process since they offer insights on companies’ end-to-end industry experience and skills.

The first stepping-stone to establishing your software project is choosing the right company. Take no chance; use eDesk HUB platform to ease your research process and make the best decision for your project.