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Choosing a reputable and trustworthy company for managing your SEO is both an instinctive and calculated move. Getting SEO content goes a long way in promoting one’s business, so it is of utmost importance to carefully choose an agency or a consultant for that purpose. There might be some jitters and pitfalls if one does not choose the SEO firm wisely. In order to avoid them, we have compiled a list of mistakes that can be eliminated in the process of hiring a SEO company and achieve great results in marketing your product.

Eliminate these mistakes

1. Using Google

Search Engine - Google

Search Engine - Google

Google can help a person in many ways, but just trust me it is not at all the best platform to search for a great SEO company or consultant. Now, this thing can come as a shock to many Google users, but just let me explain my point. A company or a consultant that is best rated in SEO content wouldn’t be rating themselves as the highest grosser or best in the field, because they are already getting great referrals and are always in demand in the client circle. As a result, many of the companies and consultant names that appear in the search are not really the ones with the best consultancy portfolios. Still, one cannot rule out finding some good consultants through this medium as well.

2. Don’t just go by the "Best SEO" lists

Browsers - Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera

Browsers - Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera

There are a few lists, there are a few websites like eDesk HUB , their recommendations are well researched and reviewed. Those companies are more trustworthy and they also offer you assisted services in choosing the SEO company as per your need & budget.

3. NO secret Formula for success

No Secret Success Formula

No Secret Success Formula

The other most common mistake is of thinking that there is a secret formula to the success of a business in SEO. SEO is a vast and open field and does not contain any secret formula of success and if a certain consultant or an agency promises that they have a secret formula for SEO success, take it as a red signal.

The above discussion now, brings us to the ultimate question: How to Choose a SEO company for your Business?

So, here we are listing a few steps that can ensure in helping a company to hire the best SEO consultant or company. It is not really a rocket science, just a few words of wisdom and points to follow:

1. Put Forth Your Goals

The first step to follow is to collect your team and sit down for discussing the goals for the company that you wish to achieve. Reason out the following questions…i.e.

Why do SEO?

  • How would the ranking of keywords help you?

  • How would you judge the success of the SEO content or failure for that matter?

This brainstorming session will help you know two things, mainly the great goals and the not so great goals.

Great goals:

  • To get traffic from the people who are searching the internet for this specific criteria.

  • Trying to boost the revenue through SEO because it is a great tool for marketing.

  • Trying to get more and more free trials and new sign-ups for the site.

  • To boost the good reviews for the brand and make them seen more and more.

Not so good goals:

  • Trying to get just more and more traffic irrespective of the revenue generation seems to be a bad goal.

  • Top Rankings should not be the only goal when opting for the SEO content. It should be more and more value generating as well as revenue generating for the company.

  • Having grudges against a specific company and trying to beat it by using specific keywords or just trying to beat the top rated company by using specific phrases and keywords certainly doesn’t sounds like a good goal to follow when trying to promote ones company.

  • If you are looking at getting your Vanity metrics a big boost then, we suggest that it is a worst idea to go about SEO for that matter. For the record it is necessary to state here that Google too has stopped doing Page Ranks years ago. So, Vanity metrics is a big no when it comes to forming ones SEO goals.

2. Find Good Sources

Once you have prioritized your goals, it is now time to get down and find a good SEO consultant and agency and hire them to accomplish the future goals for your company. List down at least five to six companies or consultants that can be considered before making the final call on the SEO. Some good sources from where you can get references are:

  • Your friends who are a part of your personal or professional networks.

  • Companies that are similar in certain respects and are not your competitors. For instance, a noncompetitive e-commerce company engaged in different sales than your company. Such professional and personal relationships go in a long run to make great business contacts.

  • Getting in touch with the SEO industry insiders, that are popular on twitter and other social media too can come in handy when trying to get good recommendations for whom to hire.

Certain necessary questions to ask before hiring a SEO company and consultant:

  • What process will be followed to achieve the particular goals set up for the company and how to go about it? Why using a certain particular process? (This question will give an insight to the approach and working style of the consultant and the company.)

  • What are the reporting criteria of the company? What metrics are reported by them and how frequently they report on them? How they help in achieving the desired goals?

  • Knowing the work and resources that are required to share with the SEO to commit with them is necessary as it comes handy in aligning the work and getting speedy outputs and eliminates all sorts of roadblocks.

  • What they’d do when the steps taken towards achieving the goals are not giving the results as per set goals?

It is good to have an open ended conversation about the approach towards SEO, because that helps in working and reaching the goals in a more productive ways.

Professional tips: Here are certain professional tips for all those companies and agencies that are still deciding on to the crucial question of should I or shouldn’t I hire SEO consultant or agency:

  • If SEO is an integral part of your business, then it is always in the best interest of the company to get an in-house SEO team than to hire an agency or an individual.

  • If you are facing budget constraints then it would be good to take the advice of a great consultant and hire an in house SEO agent who can do the needful work for you by following the advice of the ace SEO consultant.

Some other factors business should look into SEO Partner

  • Customized, fair pricing

  • Strong transparency and reporting

  • Specialization in the service you need

  • Customer service and attention

  • Thought leadership and knowledge transfer

  • Evidence of successful past performance

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