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In the present day world of growing IT, a business’s online presence has become extremely vital for any company’s marketing and promotion initiatives. They should go hand in hand since it involves a company’s perception in the minds of current and prospective customers. A website is a crucial part of building that presence that influences the customer perception at first glance.

In order to build that crucial web presence it is important that the right business partner support you. There is a great need for efficient IT companies today, which can help organizations work on their projects and improve their business. 

eDesk HUB has developed a platform that aims to bring together efficient service providers who are in need of quality leads and aim to grow their company in the best possible way. eDesk HUB is a research and review based platform that assesses companies with the help of industry metrics and clients references to discover authentic reviews regarding the companies’ reputation, background and quality standards.

An unsuitable match between a service provider company and business consumer spells disaster for a project. Finding an efficient company that can work on IT projects dedicatedly is hard and need for validation is time consuming.

As a company, you have the expertise, the skill and the experience to deliver, but how will a potential client get convinced of your abilities? Your registration at eDesk HUB will give you a validation of a great platform.

If you are a service provider company, you need a stable presence that can help you fetch new and quality leads for delivering mobile and web development projects, design and digital marketing projects. If you have the right expertise, knowledge and experience in the IT industry, eDesk HUB is for you.

Need for eDesk HUB

Everyday new companies are coming up in the industry of web and mobile development. In this age of intense competition, how can you ensure that your company stands out? How will you ensure that your company gets top projects with premium pay offs.

eDesk HUB is the perfect platform for your company to get listed and gain an edge amidst a sea of similar service provider companies. The Middle East market is growing significantly with increasing IT spends. Technology is showing signs of increased penetration that supports growth of mobile and web development significantly. Expand your client base in a growing market that is bursting with opportunities and form credible alliances that can last a lifetime.

The eDesk HUB Advantage

The world of business is unforgiving. Every company aims for positive leads that convert. These leads not only help in increasing revenue but also assist in building a great online reputation. Below are some of the reasons how eDesk HUB can turn the tables for your company.

#1 Build Hype

Your website might be having all the good testimonials from clients that you have worked with, but these testimonials can be viewed as promotional material for your business.

With eDesk HUB, you get authentic and positive feedback from your customers on a public platform that serves as a social proof. This social proof can help in generating positive hype around your company that will boost your reputation.

#2 Get Quality Leads

eDesk HUB is an authorized platform that organizations can trust to provide efficient and qualitative service providers for their project needs.

Having a profile on such a platform will boost up your company’s value, trust and credibility; thereby qualifying you to get great leads.

#3 Middle East Market

The Middle East market is on the cusp of an IT boom. With the growth of smartphone users and internet usage, the Middle East needs qualified and top mobile application development and web development companies more than ever before.

Your company can stand out in a growing geography that assures you rapid exposure.

#4 Service Improvement

Customer references and reviews are an integral part of eDesk HUB evaluation process. As a service provider, you can monitor your customer references periodically. This gives you a chance to monitor what is being said about your company and gives you actionable insights to realize and improve on specific areas.

#5 Wider Visibility

eDesk HUB is a global platform that provides vetted and verified service providers to companies. As a service provider, your company can experience wider visibility and get more scope to perform, increase your brand prominence and awareness in a wider geography.

#6 IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the need of the hour. With growing demand for IT services, the demand for outsourcing is also speeding up. This growing trend of outsourcing is bringing in new leads and new opportunities of growth.

eDesk HUB gives you the opportunity to get more conversions because of IT outsourcing.


Every performing company needs the right amount of exposure to gain new opportunities. eDesk HUB gives your company this desired exposure. This gives way to valuable leads that give you traction.

When you are listed on eDesk HUB, you get a plethora of opportunities to highlight your portfolio, your past work and your enviable client recommendations. This information about you ups your chances of getting good and quality work via the eDesk HUB medium.

Middle East is all set to become one of the fastest growing IT hubs. Leverage this opportunity to grow and expand your reach in the industry by joining hands with eDesk HUB.