eDesk HUB – Big Advantage for Service Providers

eDesk HUB – Big Advantage for Service Providers


The ever-growing reach of technology and internet has paved the way for businesses to establish a stable online presence in the form of a website. This online presence has become one of the key parameters on which a prospective customer evaluates an organization.

Hence, online visibility is mandatory for any organization not just to have a credible online face that is visible to everyone but also to attract potential leads that contribute to business growth and profits. There is a huge demand for efficient web development agencies that can help startups and enterprises leverage their business in the best possible way.

What is eDesk HUB?

eDesk HUB is a unique platform that helps business consumers to find and hire the best IT service providers. Whether a company provides web and mobile app development services or digital marketing and web design services, they are heavily sought by businesses across the Middle East.

Through an efficient research and review process, eDesk HUB lists the top service providers in different IT industry verticals to give out the list of best ones.

Are you a Service Provider?

If you are a company offering services in the field of web and mobile app development, eDesk HUB is the platform you should choose to connect with potential clients. Focused on providing excellent service providers to business consumers centered in the Middle East, eDesk HUB can help you take your business to the next level.

eDesk HUB offers sustainable advantages to Service Providers:

The Middle East market is growing rapidly. There is wealth of opportunities for service providers to meet potential clients and work on great projects. There is a great need for efficient companies who can become trusted business partners for IT projects.

Registering on eDesk HUB offers you multifarious advantages that can help in growing your business and help you win big projects from the fast growing Middle East region. 

  • Gain rapid exposure in the fast growing Middle East market
  • Increase your brand’s prominence and awareness among clients
  • Highlight your service portfolio and skillset to potential clients
  • Boost your reputation by contributing in our research
  • Gain better quality leads and projects  

Why Middle East?

According to a recent, Gartner Research report, the Middle East shows increased IT spends to over $200 billion by the end of 2016. This is good news for the IT industry that has gained a firm footing in the GCC market.

Growing smartphone penetration and widespread interaction on social media channels projects a robust growth for mobile and web development industry. The report entails the following findings:

  • Tablet and PC sales set to surpass $10 billion by the year 2018
  • Mobile phone sales to grow over $30 billion by 2016 and more than $37 billion by 2019

All the above statistics indicate the massive growth of IT sector in the Middle East, which is good news for industry insiders.

Demand for IT Outsourcing

Digital transformation has gripped the Middle East, which is being exposed to new technologies and challenges. These technologies are bringing in new wave of opportunities in innovation and value creation across all facets of business.

In order to thrive in this new digital economy, it is important for business sectors to embrace the new trends. Investments are happening in cloud, mobile, big data and analytics. It is further projected that by the year 2018, over half of IT expenditure will be centered on Cloud covering over 60% of all IT infrastructures.

With growing IT services requirement, the demand for offshore outsourcing is picking up speed too! Statistics indicate outsourcing of IT services to Asian regions is common by business consumers of Europe and Unites States. Now we see Middle East as another growing consumer base for IT services offered by Asian service providers.


Being a service provider in the field of mobile and web development, registering on eDesk HUB gives you the advantage of widening your business reach to an upcoming geography. Furthermore, through your current client references, you can reach out on this platform to get better leads and in turn better clients. 

The IT economy is growing in the Middle East. It is an indication of developing a new IT market that demonstrates the region is all set to witness IT growth and become a fast developing geography that is set to use technology and surpass the western economies.