Common Misconceptions about Mobile App Development Projects

Common Misconceptions about Mobile App Development Projects


Mobile applications are the backbone of smartphones. The mobile app development companies rose along with the smartphones. Since the time smartphone boomed the market, there are a lot of mobile applications emerging in the market on frequent basis. We cannot imagine our Smart phones without these cool utility apps, Isn’t it? Mobile app development is growing rapidly and top mobile app companies are investing on it and competing. All businesses aim in getting returns. There are times when you build a good app but don’t get the intended return. This might be due to some misconceptions that might be pulling you down from reaching the pinnacle of success. Many companies have sprung into the mobile app development market with the hopes of reaching the top with certain false notions. So, let us get our facts right to save a lot of money and time.

Mobile Application Development Myths and Facts

Mobile Application Development Myths and Facts. Source:

Compromising the key features for cost cutting

There might be a lot many apps in Google Play Store that sell the same features that you would be selling. What is that which would make your product stand out in the crowd? It is the look, usability and security that the app features which will gain trust and attention from the end users. Implementing the features alone does not complete the mobile app. It must be tested thoroughly for usability and performance. And all this does take a toll on the cost and time. But trust me, this is highly necessary for the app to survive in the extensive market and get the company a good Return on Investment (ROI). Even an application with the simplest functionality involves a lot of time and effort when it comes to coding, testing the application for various parameters and deployment. The proverb “Haste makes Waste” applies here too. Even a single flaw in functionality results in users losing trust in the app and negative ratings in Google Play Store. The app ratings in the Google Play Store are highly crucial for the success of the application to get more customers.

Comparing the size of the app to the cost

“Smaller the app, smaller the cost and faster to make” - this is truly not the case. Developing a mobile app has its own complexities. It does not compromise on the functionalities either when compared to web applications. Any application that is going to be developed takes its time and effort. The app must be lesser in size meanwhile it should not compromise on its features and performance for a mobile application. Also, an application does not become ready to release once the developer finishes the code. It is subjected to code and performance optimization and improved over and over.

Underestimating the power of Marketing

If you search for an app for a purpose in the Google Play Store, you could find thousands of results for the same. In-order to bring the apps into user’s notice, it is necessary to market the applications. A right marketing strategy brings the app to users notice and motivates them to try out the app despite their requirement. Let’s take the tech giant Google for example which despite being the widely-used search engine which had released its advertisements in television to market its search engine and video calling application. It is the best example which can be taken for marketing. Promotion is always important to reach the intended audience.

Graphics attracts users to download the app

Graphics does not ensure the success of the application. Graphics are not the main factor to the app’s success. A simple App with good User Experience UX can also gain the trust of the users with its usability and functionality factors compared to a more graphical app that is cluttered and less usable. It is always how the user buys our idea that matters. Read on to know How to select the web design & development company.

App is everything

Building an app isn’t everything. It is necessary to provide proper support system to the customers who are using your app. This is the way to gain loyalty from the customers. Customer trust is very much important for any app to thrive in this competitive world of apps. To ensure this, it is highly necessary to provide support to them by getting to know their issues and providing timely remedies before the company’s reputation pays the cost for it.

Ignore Market trend

Understanding the market trend is necessary. It is always good to spend extra time on extensive market research before coming up with an idea to build a new app. Since building an app involves a lot of investment that expects returns, it is necessary not to build an app that already has billions of loyal users. It is better to think twice before taking the idea of competing with well-established companies when you are starting from scratch. The well-established giants would have already invested a lot in marketing and improvisations and gathered a loyal customer base already. Innovation is always the key. Bring innovations per market trend and try to rule that part of the market.

Paid App is the key to profits

Making your app paid is not the way to earn profits, it will rather prove adverse. You might end up losing a couple of users who would not take the risk of losing their money before trusting the app. Also, people prefer to install the unpaid alternative they get for the same functionality than using the paid app. If your brand is not popular and you want your app to reach the masses, it is not a good idea to make your app paid in the initial days of marketing. It would be wiser to let the users use your app and let it gain popularity. There are options to gain revenue in a free app too through In-App advertisements, Cost per installation-CPI, Sponsorships, the freemium upsell strategy etc. But care should be taken not to overdo the advertisements which usually hinder the users from consistently using the app as this will lead them to underrate the app in Play store.

Download rates are everything

Yes, Quantity matters but only if it comes along with quality. Download numbers of your app might sound great but the main attribute of app success is how much the users are using it. What have you planned to make the users revisit your app? A survey says 23% of the apps are downloaded and abandoned/ uninstalled due to lack of new interesting data, Bad UX or lack of utility. You can use email or push notifications to keep the users engaged to the app and make them return. It is the duty of the companies to create a need for the user to visit the app rather than wait for them to return when in need. For e.g.: we often receive push notifications in our smartphones from ecommerce sites on best offers and styles they offer. This is one of the strategies to make the user return to shop from the sites even without requirement rather than waiting for the user to return to the site when requirement arises.

Development ends with application release

This is a myth. Once the app development is over everything does not end there. Like the famous quote that says “the best is yet to come”, a lot of work starts after the release of the application bug fixes, responding to user concerns and implementing it, releasing app updates per firmware updates. The applications must be updated from time to time to keep pace with the new technology and user needs. If your app is not compatible with the new version releases of OS, then you will end up losing the customers. With the technology booming rapidly, it is necessary to update the same in the application and ensure the compatibility. The hard truth to digest is that maintaining an app does have its set of cost incurred that equates to the development cost itself. If an app is not maintained and the user upgrades the OS and the app does not function as intended, the user will abandon the application right away.

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Cross platform compatibility is not necessary for my app.

It is always better to go for apps that work across platforms. When you develop an app with a focus to work only on iOS or only android then you may lose that customer. Say that you have a loyal iPhone user who uses only Facetime for video calls. It is not necessary that your friends or relatives will be having it. So, the user shifts to a common messenger for calling his friends leaving the app behind. It is always better to develop the apps with cross platform compatibility and testing it for the same even if it increases the cost because at the end of the day you want to increase your customer base.

Apps will get a lot of customers after release

Apps do not get customers overnight. Even a great app does take a lot of time to acquire customers. Wait patiently and do not expect customers to come at once. It takes a lot of time effort marketing strategy to build a strong user base. You need to have a good strategy on how to acquire customers and make room for growth. Focus on retaining the customers by giving them a good app experience, utility and proper support and gradually by the referrals, people will join. Get your strategies right in-order to acquire customers.

Requirements can be changed easily

Bringing changes to requirements even in an agile process has its own drawbacks. It raises the estimated cost of the project and delays the release of the application however depending on the severity of the requirement change. It is always better to have a clear set of requirements to avoid last minute major changes and addition of functionalities. If you have a good idea addition to the project then you can add it to the next version release of the app thereby not delaying the schedule.


Understanding these misconceptions will remove most of the complexities involved in mobile app development projects. Avoiding these uncertainties will surely make the mobile application reach the masses and earn its position in the top most ranking. Mobile app development firms that have already established have got their concerns corrected to become more successful. If you are looking forward to having your own application, you can get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that has hands-on experience in the mobile industry via eDesk HUB, we will help you to choose the best mobile app development company as per your need and budget.