Challenges Every Mobile App Marketer Faces


Mobile apps work in myriad ways. All businesses and enterprises have joined the mobile bandwagon. There is a mobile app for everything; but that doesn’t mean the market is exhausted. There are over 1 million apps on Google Play Store and other million and a half on Apple store, the mobile market is continuously buzzing with activity.

Selling and marketing of virtual experiences like mobile apps involve real money. With high development costs and marketing costs, the apps need frequent usage and high percentage of sales. The biggest challenge here is the Scale at which apps are being promoted. 

Since users engage with mobile apps on their smart devices, it is obvious that mobile advertising is the preferred mode of advertising. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram support overall campaigns too. Marketing on mobile contains several challenges that every marketers have to come across.

#1 App Discovery

There are thousands of apps in the market. The biggest challenge here is how to promote you app so that more and more users discover it. Users scout through the app stores daily to check out new apps for their business and leisure use. The most important question here is with so many apps around in the market, how do you get your app noticed amidst the crowd?

Things to do:

  • Make sure promote the discovery of your app with the help of app store optimization techniques. However, it is not necessary that organic means will help in getting attention to your app.
  • As a mobile app marketer, you need to involve the use of paid mediums to drive awareness and install. Email marketing, social media marketing and promotion techniques can be put to use to bring focus to your app. You must be able to reach people wherever they are, browsing for music, games, or work. 
  • You can reach out to bloggers, influencers to review your app. Good reviews can be used for driving promotion, and helps in increasing downloads.

#2 Downloads vs. Usage

There may be lot of users downloading your app, but there’s high chance that downloads don’t progress towards regular usage. The users may simply download your app but don’t use the app regularly.

This usually happens if you run meaningless CPI campaigns with advertisers who don’t advertise the app to the right audience. Also, if there is no clear onboarding message for the users, they are clueless about your app and ultimately will uninstall it after sometime.

Things to do:

  • Marketers and mobile application development companies need to understand that a clear onboarding strategy is necessary for new users. This enables new users to sign up and have a great user experience.
  • First impressions are important. Users will come to use your app again if they like what they see for the first time.

#3 Customer Retention

On an average a smartphone user makes use of around 3-4 apps on a daily basis. Hence, the time to make a good impression for a mobile app is very short. The percentage of uninstall is quite high, usually 80% of the apps are abandoned within first thirty days of installation.

Things to do:

  • Push notifications are a tried and tested way of engaging users. It can be used to drive more than 100% user engagement. You need to find the right time to engage with your users. Some amount of A/B testing is required to help in figuring it out.
  • Customized offering works best with users. Offer them exclusive deals based on user behavior past purchases and lifetime value.
  • Allow social sharing to users, this will help in boosting app popularity. Help them share their achievements, opinions and reviews on social media to build word of mouth publicity.
  • Reviews and ratings help drive authentic responses to your app. The more positive ratings your app has, higher the chances are of getting more installs and recommendations.

Developing a great app is just 10% of the work done by mobile application development companies. The rest 90% is all about marketing and promotion of your app. Being aware about this is the best beginning for a marketer to establish a great following for a new mobile app.