App Designing (UI/UX)

App Designing has never been more important than it is right now. Read curated posts from the most innovative UX designers and product designers in the industry.


Take Your Pick: Designing for Android vs. iOS

Companies need mobile apps for diverse reasons. They need to cater to existing clients and devices that are in use. This often means that there is a requirement for a new app for Android and iPhones. Both these platforms offer distinct experiences in terms of design and end usage. There are certain considerations, which the designers need to take note of when designing apps for Android or iPhone. [More]


5 Things to Remember when Designing Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become mainstream, delivering content and services for several top mobile app development companies. However, the market is expansive as we see several mobile apps coming up each day and the risk of your mobile app getting lost in the crowd is quite high. How can you make your mobile app more useful, relevant and valuable so that it retains and delights the user constantly? [More]