B2B Vs B2C Mobile Apps – Where Should You Invest

B2B Vs B2C Mobile Apps – Where Should You Invest


The modern world is experiencing a pleasant shift from working on a desktop or carrying a bulky laptop to easy and convenient internet on the go option by the prominent increase in the usage of Smartphone and tablets. This shift towards the more hi-tech option means that the budding entrepreneurs are presented with an opportunity of good money potential.

These days’ mobile apps are taking the Sauvé IT market with aplomb along with the mobile app development companies. It is believed that if one has a business, then creating a mobile app will ensure success with leaps and bounds as it leads to a lot more publicity than usual. But creating a successful mobile app. Is not a child’s play, it takes a lot of intensive research of the business and marketing trends.

Mobile applications can be categorized in two segments namely, B2B and B2C. The sure shot way of making a mobile app. Hit with the users largely depends on the concept that forms the basis of the mobile app. The more efficient performance of the app, the better it is in keeping the targeted audiences hooked to it forever.

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B2B Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that are particularly meant to target other businesses are called B2B Mobile Apps. B2B mobile apps are the current trend of the business market as it is every person’s go to when trying to run the business with convenience and from anywhere and everywhere. These apps help a person to keep tab on regular updates and display their entrepreneurial skills even when enjoying a timeout. According to a study by a survey conducted by Salesforce a whopping 70% marketers are already moving to mobility services and can streamline and simplify their business requirements. These apps have superseded the email, which was once the most exclusive executive tool on the go. Now, creating documents, presentations, managing records have become easier than before because of these innovative mobile apps. That is helping in proactive actions of the entrepreneurs in the market.

Need of the Hour: B2B Mobile Apps

B2B mobile apps have become the need of the hour because of its long list of advantages, where scalability and structure are at the topmost priority. These apps are built keeping in mind the sole purpose of the task they are meant to perform. For instance, a documentation app. is built to solve the purpose of Business development executives, sales personnel and many other field agents to keep in tab with their clients. The sole purpose of the app is to create emails, sales presentations, etc by using prefed templates present in the app. since this kind of app is mostly used by all executives in the sales or marketing field, so attracting a target audience to such an app is an easy task. The world is becoming smarter by the usage of smart phones which facilitates the usage of such mobile apps to stay in tune with the business and details 24X7.

Stumbling Blocks of B2B Mobile Apps

B2B apps cost dearer when compared to B2C apps. The reason to this is that a lot of elements are required to be considered when an app is prepared for the users in B2B. Moreover, these components cost a lot of cash which is another stumbling block of B2B mobile apps.

Flawless working of the apps with universal approach is another pitfall as the business officials are always on the lookout for apps that are both resourceful and convenient to work thereby reducing the work time spent on the mobile applications.

A B2B app requires intensive research that in turns takes time and certainly time is money, so this brings us to the third major block of B2B mobile apps.

B2C Mobile Apps

A mobile app that links business directly with the consumers is a B2C app. These are the popular type of apps and are literally flooding the play store or the app store in the mobile phone just to reach the big thing app status like Instagram etc. These apps have a large no. of audiences varying from different genres. Although there are millions of B2C apps in the app store yet their success rate among the users are quite questionable. There is a cut throat competition in the B2C app. markets. Yet, B2C apps go viral among the consumers than the B2B apps as the latter mean strictly business whereas the former is more of a lazy bidder almost everyone’s cup of tea.

Stumbling Blocks of B2C Apps

The concept of innovative ideas to create a B2C app seems like a dearth of an idea because there are several apps one concept. The B2C sector is overflowing with apps that undoubtedly overshadow the presence of a genuine app and its prospective growth. A user downloads an app based on good customer ratings that makes it extremely competitive for a new app to make its way to the user either because of lack of star ratings or lesser response unless it is super cool and is going viral on social media.

The pricing of the app is another sliding block in the path of B2C apps. As per the criteria if an app is marked in the price range of $0.99 or $1.99, chances are users might download it but if the prices are marked higher, a user may refrain from it thereby making way for downloading another compatible app that is more efficient and economical too. 

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Which One to Choose?

B2B Mobile Apps

B2C Mobile Apps

B2B target audience is easily found.

It is difficult to search for a target audience due to its diverse nature.

Comparatively Higher cost of development.

Lower cost of development when compared to B2B mobile apps.

Marketing campaigns targeted towards the users are required to make a B2B app successful.

Achieving success in B2C apps is easier as it requires mass marketing to reach the awareness of the audiences.

Easy to establish app with comparatively low marketing budget.

Need a massive marketing strategies and budget to complete with the established B2C apps.

Locating and Retaining customers is easier.

Retaining users is quite a task due to ever increasing number of apps present in B2C.

The Return of Investment is sure shot as consumers are ready to pay a fair price for good quality apps.

Apps Priced in the range of $0.99 to $1.99 are successful

Keeping in mind the above discussion, we can conclude that it is profitable to opt for B2B app if one has a limited budget and knows his target audiences well. If the budget is not a constraint and one has an exclusive creative idea, then it is fair to opt for B2C apps and market it as much as possible to gain the attention as well as audience.

For the success of either of the apps it is necessary to create awareness through several social media podiums, and by applying several marketing strategies. Discussing the pros of the app on social media can also work towards gaining attention of the media users towards what your app. has to offer. Optimizing the app and performing several tests based on keywords will help in creating a large audience base for the app. The good experience of the customer will help in the formation of a good opinion about the app thereby bringing larger customer base and help the app. establish its position in the appstore. 

Both B2B & B2C mobile app enables an enterprise to discover new opportunities while standing out among its competitors. eDesk HUB assist you in selecting the top iPhone app development & Android app development companies in & around Middle East developing the applications that provide enterprises the competitive edge they require.