8 Questions to ask before Hiring a Web Design & Development Company

Web Design & Development Company


Making the selection of the right web design and development company can be challenging. You are entrusting a third party with your project and your business. You need be sure that they can handle the responsibility effectively and lead your project to success.

Getting a proposal is the first step in getting to know a web development company and plays a key role in appropriate selection; however, interviewing the company and asking the right questions can help in giving you key insights on selecting the right company for your project.

 Web Design & Development

#1 What is the Scale of your competencies?

A company’s website is the best promotional asset. Selecting the right website design partner that understands marketing is pivotal in this respect. A website design project to be successful, involves the efforts of not just web designers but marketing strategists, writers, photographers etc. It is always advisable to hire a company that has most of these capabilities and can provide the same on need basis.

#2 Do you have similar industry experience?

This might not be a critical point, but if your company works in a specific industry, the learning curve required for the website design partner to adapt to your speed scale can be steep. Choosing the company with similar industry experience can have its advantages and can be beneficial for your website. However, if the design partner has experience in other industries as well; that experience can come in handy when you need a resourceful and wider approach. 

#3 How can you help in bringing in more traffic and leads?

Whether your business is B2B or B2C in nature, search engine traffic and lead generation are vital components of its design. You need your website to draw traffic and generate new leads for you. Hence, you must consider this factor throughout the design and development process. From strategy to content planning, to design and development and ultimately launch, all these are important and are helpful.

#4 How do you plan to optimize the website for search engines?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has experienced extensive change since the past few years. Earlier it used to be a highly technical exercise; however, now it has become much more about content marketing and planning and publishing content that the target audiences might be interested to search online. There are still certain best practices that must be implemented, which can contribute to your SEO strategies. Ask the company you decide to collaborate with, how they plan to approach SEO and strive to understand how your website can have the right content and the required technical expertise for optimization.

#5 Do you follow responsive web design to ensure a consistent experience for the users?

Google recommends responsive web design and almost all of the top web development firms in the Middle East follow it. It is considered an industry best practice to build websites that are compatible on any smart device and offer an ideal user experience for all devices.

#6 What aspects of the website will be worked in-house and outsourced?

While getting your website developed and designed, you need to understand what aspects of it will be worked on in-house and what aspects will be outsourced. Deciding to outsource certain aspects of your website design or development to a third party can add to the complexity, cost and collaboration to the project. If your partner plans to outsource certain portions, it is important that you ask who they will be using and what portions will be outsourced?

#7 What is your team’s web design and development process?

A company’s process plays an important role in designing and developing a website. It varies from company to company as everyone has their own way of approaching project development. Understanding what the process is and how it will be implemented will ultimately affect your website and its future prospects.

#8 Can you work according to our budget?

Companies might feel hesitant to reveal their budgetary estimates at the first go with a potential web development and design partner; however, they need some kind of budget estimation to show you how they will be working on your project. It is important for you to understand how a potential web development partner will work on your budget.

Determining which company is fully equipped to handle your website and choosing whom do you want to finally go for, extends further than their expertise and capabilities. Asking relevant questions and seeking great answers is key to making a fine selection.