7 of the Most Innovative Startups in Qatar

7 of the Most Innovative Startups in Qatar


"The only thing worse than starting something and failing...is not starting something." Says Seth Godin, founder of Squidoo.

Instituting a start-up can be a confusing, overwrought, expensive and an arduous process. Despite these as a business it will for you to gather information on the support the place and government offers for your startup to flourish. This article focuses on how to start business in Qatar, the support it offers and best examples of the Top ecommerce companies who have succeeded in it.

Qatar economy's support to startups

Qatar which is an innovation-driven economy, ranks 24 in Global Entrepreneurship Index 2016, and boasts the lowest unemployment in GCC region at 0.5%.

A lot of people in MENA are planning to start their own business. Stats BY Go-Gulf says that "64% of working-age respondents in MENA region want to start their own business than be employed while 70% of respondents took their first steps to establish their own business in last 5 years". 

Recent news says that Innovation-driven entrepreneurs in Qatar could benefit from a $5mn startup fund that has been developed to support and promote the growth of small companies.

In March 8th 2017, Inc. Arabia reported that A QAR6 billion funds were announced by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Qatar for the benefit of tech startups and multinational companies in Qatar. The Qatar Smart Nation project, called "Tasmu intends to bridge the gap between policy-makers and society across five sectors - transport, logistics, environment, health, and sports. This bridge is achieved using technologies that are cheaper, faster, and more efficient in every way.

Rashid Al-Naimi, CEO of Qatar Fund investment told the Inc. Arabia that companies at the implementation stage of their projects could apply for the funds from the Qatar Development Bank (QDB), which will cover 80% of costs of the feasibility study.

That's great news for Startups in Qatar isn't it?

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How to start a business in Qatar

Starting a business requires planning, knowledge funds and lots of commitment and time. While starting a business in Qatar, you would have to know the many processes regarding legislation and regulations to start a business.

Firstly it is required for you to carry three important documents with you.

  1. Commercial Registration (CR)

This document is the quickest one to get among the three documents. Commercial Registration is your business identity that allows you to set up commercial activities in Qatar.  

  1. Trade License

This license is required for you after receiving your CR. This is used in order to set up an office space that is approved by the MEC for leading your business. This document process is usually the hardest step of the three documents as it takes some time to receive this document hence planning something in this time will be the best thing to do.

  1. Computer Card / Signature Card /Khaid Munshiah 

Once you have acquired permission to start a business and set up an office space, the next step would be to get people to work for you. That's when Computer Card comes into picture. This document which is issued by Immigration is required to issue Residence Permits (RP) for your employees. 

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7 of the Most Innovative Startups in Qatar

Here are 7 of the innovative best start-ups in Qatar. These Businesses have launched e commerce websites that have won the hearts of its customers. These examples of e commerce companies and their Top ecommerce sites prove to be an inspiration of startups who want to mark their name in the business world.

  1. Q-Cab 


Q-Cab - Source: YouTube

Q-Cab is a mobile application that allows its users to search for and book Karwas driving around their area. IT has simplified the taxi hiring process in Qatar. The app works similar to Uber that allows passengers to search and quickly connect with rides near their location. It also allows users to save their favorite drivers to their app making it a more personalized app. 

  1. Urban Point

Urban Point

Urban Point - Source: Doha News

Urban point provides discount vouches and coupons at restaurants, spas, health clubs and fun activity centers in Qatar. IT provides a lot of offers and renews them every month. IT also organizes monthly contests with its users as the judges. It has a website and a mobile app and provides "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" coupons for its users to save their money. IT has a monthly subscription of affordable voucher service too.

  1. eGrab

eGrab - Source

eGrab is the right mobile app For users who love to do  grocery shopping at the comfort of their homes. IT has made it easy for the residents of Qatar to buy goods at just a click away. All you have to do is shop your groceries from the mobile app with convenience and eGrab delivers it right at your doorstep sans delivery charges. It also offers discounts and deals on its products for its users.

  1. maktApp


maktApp - Source: maktapp.com

maktApp is a Cloud Business Management Software for Office-administration which is Supported by the Qatar Science & Technology Park. IT allows cloud application in Arabic and English for the convenience of its users. It allows its users to easily create and organize its projects, save loads of data, ensure uptime, process payrolls and much more. IT has a secure data backup so that the businesses aren't at a risk of losing data. 

  1. Meddy


Meddy - Source: Entrepreneur

Meddy is a startup platform that helps the users in Qatar to find the best doctors in Qatar. It provides its users with its doctor's background, patient reviews and other relevant credentials. This ensures that patients can find the right and best doctor in their locality. Meddy has approximately 1,000 doctors listed from 120 private clinics and hospitals from more than 20 specializations in their tie-up. Patients can browse in the platform and choose the nearby clinic and the best doctor easily with this website.

  1. Doha Delivery

Doha Delivery

Doha Delivery - Source: ArabNet - Startup Database

Doha Delivery is a one stop shop for locating restaurants and delivery menus in Doha, Qatar. It lets its users order their favorite food from a vast list of restaurants. The users can order meals in just two clicks from the app and food comes to their doorstep. It also lets its users discover new eating joints and try out new cuisines.

  1. Fi Technologies

Fi Technologies is one of Qatar's most innovative tech startups that won Qatar's ICT Business Award in 2014 for Best ICT Startup.  It is a unique Wi-Fi advertising platform that provides free Wifi Hotspot networks for areas like: coffee shops, parks and clinics etc. where guest users can use the free internet meanwhile seeing advertisements. It has created Internet hotspots in 35 popular public venues like medical centers and coffee shops and much more places. The company's login page and redirection page advertising has nearly 400,000 viewers every month.


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