6 Ways Responsive Web Design can Benefit your Business


There are several advantages of responsive web design as researches have proved time and again. These are directly related with SEO and help in expanding the user base and helps in staying updated with latest design trends. 

Since every business nowadays has a stable online presence, it makes sense to build a website that is competitive enough and search engine friendly to enable you expand your reach and increase conversion rates. Therefore, responsive web designing is your solution to achieve all this on top priority. 

What is Responsive Web Design?

Understanding what responsive design is imperative to proceed with its scope on a business website. A responsive web design is optimized for viewing on multiple devices with different screen resolutions and screens. The design adapts itself to the viewing space and gives a better experience without having to scroll, zoom in/out on the website. User can read, navigate and have an interactive experience with the website on any device. 

Some of the well-known organizations lead the way when it comes to successful implementation of latest design trends and responsive form of web designing fares at the top.

Since the present day customer is more aware and uses a realm of devices for online research, entertainment, and online buying, it is important for businesses to consider this and design their websites responsively.

Mobile Website vs. Responsive Website

Many of us often confuse a mobile friendly website with a responsive website, which is not the case. A mobile friendly website looks good on mobile devices but might not look as good on screens with higher resolutions. In most of the cases, there is a desktop version of the website and certain pages are optimized for mobile viewing.

With responsive web design, there is a single set of web pages and a single set of code for a website. The web pages adapt themselves to various devices, which make them responsive.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Here we shall discuss the advantages of having a responsive website design and learn how businesses can justify the need for it.

#1 Reach a Wider Audience

There has been a dramatic rise in people using smart devices for online activities such as social networking, online shopping, research, music etc. It is important for local businesses to appear on smart devices as over 90% of smartphone users look for local information on their smartphone and more than  80% of them take action based on the information received i.e. purchasing. 

Over 70% of the users have done some research on a product or service on their device and more than 45% of those have bought a product/service online through their smartphone.

All the above statistics are a testament to the fact that users are constantly looking for an enhanced online experience on their smart devices. Therefore, businesses must offer a great customer experience or there is a chance that they might lose customers. This user experience must be great on various devices to ensure customer retention.

#2 Stay in Touch with Customers

Businesses need to keep a check on mobile analytics which offers information that mostly 10-30% of the visitors are checking out your company and products/services on their smartphones/ tablets. If you are unable to offer them a user-friendly version of your website, you might lose out. 

The added advantage of having a responsive website design is that you are able to stay in touch with your customer base and are able to keep them engaged on every occasion. Web designing companies in the Middle East can successfully execute your responsive web design projects.

#3 One Website – One Set of Codes

As already mentioned above, a responsive website design in comparison to a mobile friendly version is a much better option. The reason being, you are required to maintain only one set of codes and one set of pages for your website so that any new functionality or any new changes that you make on the desktop is automatically available on mobile screens as well without requiring any extra effort.

#4 SEO Benefits

A responsive website design is good from the SEO perspective as well.

  • There is no need for content modifications in responsive website design and as a result no issue of duplicate content. 
  • Any SEO efforts/ changes that are implemented on the desktop version are automatically done for mobile/tablet as well. 
  • Your responsively designed website gives an optimized version and hence, you have better chances at ranking higher on mobile search engines. 
  • Google recommends responsive website design as a best practice.

#5 Increased Conversions

Instead of having a mobile friendly version, switching to responsive website makes it easier to have increased conversions or ad earnings. With one responsively designed website, a business does not need to redirect. They can use standardized CSS styles across all devices and make use of a unified design approach. A consistent user experience makes a positive impact on conversion rates.

#6 Be Prepared for Future

It is estimated that by the end of 2017, over 5 billion people will be using smartphones. These figures and numbers cannot be ignored and as a business if you are not convinced that responsive web design can help you, it most definitely will in the next few years. 

A responsive design is a definite must for all websites nowadays. Whether you are selling products or service, have started a new business online or aiming for increase in website traffic, any website can be made responsive.