12 Must Have Pages On Your Ecommerce Site

12 Must Have Pages On Your Ecommerce Site


Each day thousands of e-commerce websites are created by upcoming entrepreneurs, some do really good while some don’t! 

So what makes them work?

There are certain elements which an e-commerce website should be following, without which it could be a total failure despite being trendy and fancy.

Here’s the list of all 12 must have pages for your e-commerce website, which contribute to the e-commerce development.

User friendly Design 

Keeping it simple is the Mantra!

Simplicity should be the goal in your design and you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance to achieve it. Recent surveys show that 80% of the users look for “ease of use” on an e-commerce website.

The goal of an e-commerce website is to make a sale without any fuss, if a customer likes something on your website he/she should be able to purchase it without any complex process. So it’s always good to eliminate complex procedures which could clog up the path to purchase.

Online marketing has only a few minutes, if not seconds, to make a sale. Focusing on design by providing attractive shopping categories, filters and comparisons will keep them engaged and interested to spend time on your website. Also easy to find reviews and FAQ’s makes it easy for people to make quick decisions.

Your e-commerce website should be a competitive advantage instead of a difficult task for the customers.

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Rich Content is obligatory

Gone are those days where you would put in an image and a bulleted description with a price tag, you need to put in some real quality images demonstrating the product usage in real life, some websites even have a small video clip demonstrating the usage. Giving a feel of the product is mandatory.

Technical reflections for image are crucial, images which do not lo ad less than a blink of an eye will see a consumer drop rate of 40% according to the recent survey by Adobe.

On an E-commerce Website Images sell not the text, the more information your image provides and faster the image loads will probably get you a purchase. The images need to be High resolution and optimized image load, anything less in quality and delay in the image load consider it a failure.

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Responsive design

Weather it is on desktop or a mobile phone your website should be compatible on both the platforms.

We all know how important a mobile view is as one in three purchases are done on a smartphone, and if your website is not mobile friendly, get ready to face the consequences. 

Even if you have a mobile application, a responsive design is mandatory. Because most of the users may not feel the need to have your application on their smartphones but they would want a mobile view to make the purchase. Shockingly enough many websites still lack a responsive design. 

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Quick login/ Registration and presence on social media

You cannot expect every customer to create an account for the purchase, a quick registration/Login using their already existing google or Facebook accounts is always a better option. 

The time they spend on registering could lead them to have second thoughts about the purchase, tweaking your website and adding this option will only do good to your business. 

Login and Registration with Social Media Profiles

Login and Registration with Social Media Profiles

It is always good to be on reach of your customers, platforms like Facebook, google, Instagram, snapchat etc. are always great for your promotions and sharing updates.

And also customers could reach out to you if they don’t want to go through your customer support process.

Marketing through these platforms is proven effective, customer reviews are more effective on a social networking websites than an ad post. People rely on updates through social media than a push notification through your application. 

Few clicks to purchase

Same as the Login/registration you need to have just a few clicks for the customer to purchase, one-click purchase can only be a campaign but not possible in reality. Keep it simple add as many options as you can for the purchase, here are a few options you can add to enhance the experience of the purchase.

  • Adding e-wallet payment
  • Saving of debit/credit card info
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Your own website points/money
  • PayPal 

Reducing the time of entering the financial details for every purchase will only help your business. 

Product suggestions and special offers

Product suggestion is a great strategy for increasing the rate of purchase, make sure your website is well optimized to provide the right suggestion. I am really staggered by the suggestion I get when I shop online, it’s almost like they could almost read my mind. Analytics has made this possible, tweak your website and improve your suggestions.

Most of the e-commerce websites are using special offers in their standard marketing practices via emails, push notifications, social media posts etc. when shoppers realize they’re getting a special deal, it motivates them to buy more and spend more time on your website.

You need to have a page which has a list of products which have any special offers in it, who wouldn’t like this part of your website?

This could also improve your SEO ranking. 

Abandoned cart development

One of the must have e-commerce website feature, but It’s really shocking to see the amount of websites not implementing abandoned cart nurturing, it’s as easy win, it is believed that 75% of the shoppers who abandon the cart do have the intention to buy the product. And it is also proven that 70% of these can be converted in to a sale with the right strategy.

Only if you have a plan in place, how?

With social media contacts, registered email logins you can send them an attractive notification and get them to buy the abandoned products in the cart.

Abandoned Cart Development

Abandoned Cart Development

No! “forgot something?” will not alone do the job, be prepared to follow up several times, create a cycle and a good strategy to approach. All you need is a software to execute your email strategy, get is ASAP. 

And yes don’t just give out offers in your first email, don’t make this a habit for the customers.

Reviews and FAQ’s

Most definitely the important part of your e-commerce website, where a customer would comeback if you are good at this column. We’ve already discussed about the Design and images part of the website, but reviews and FAQ’s are also the most important part of the content.

A customer has a thousand questions in mind before buying a product, it is your responsibility to provide all the answers forehand and easy to find them before he has to work hard to find the answers, mentioning all the relevant FAQ’s with answers will only save his time and your chances of business. A product review is subjective, make sure that the reviews are presented in such a manner that a customer can get a positive feeling while doing a purchase.

Remember a review should only be asked to a person who has purchased the product. 

Billing information

It may not sound important but the billing information page should have all the required information that a customer needs and it should be transparent.

It’s sad that there are many hidden charges on some websites, and the customer feels cheated.

Never do that, keep it clean and transparent. Provide all the information of the charges be it taxes, add-ons etc.

Once I purchased a smartphone and while billing I could clearly see the extra charges, while I investigated on this I found out a phone case has been pre-checked with the smartphone. Suggesting an add-on is one thing and pre-checking is indeed not recommended. It will only make you lose your customers. 

Shipping options

This is indeed one of the main reasons for all those abandoned carts in your website, because the cost of shipping comes as a surprise to most of the customers. Take off the shipping burden a bit off the customers it will all be A-Okay!!

If you do not wish to offer a free shipping consider setting a price limit, anything above that is a free shipping, this will encourage customers to buy more than what they came for.

If you are shipping internationally always mention details about shipping costs and customs information, do not put the customer in regret after the purchase.  

Return Policy

Return policy is something a person looks for before buying a product, it is always recommended to implement it. The statistics speak, this is one of the best feature contributing in the increase of sales and traffic on the website. It builds trust among the masses, it assures that even if the product may be wrong they would get the one they need.

In a recent survey

  • 70% of the customers look for return policy
  • 31% return the product for either replacement/refund
  • And in those 31%, 91% of them actually look for a replacement. 

If you haven’t implemented it yet, do it.

And yes please make sure your policy has strict return conditions and make sure you clearly mention them. 

User experience

All the factors we have mentioned above come down to this, all the points contribute to the user experience of the customer.

It’s not the products which always contribute in the purchase, it’s the interest created in the customer to buy the product. I’m not denying the fact that a good product will buy itself a customer but a normal product could be sold by giving the best user experience.

Go around check out all the other website which are doing good, adapt the strategies which you think are amazing. 

So there you go, 12 must have pages for your e-commerce website. Giving the best experience in buying the product is the key for your e-commerce website.

You could also use this list as a checklist for your e-commerce website.

If you think I’ve missed out on anything, please drop in your comment. I would love to know more from your guys!

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