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About eDeskHUB

Are you a business looking to outsource services? eDesk HUB provides vetted & verified references & reviews on high quality Web & Mobile Application Development & Design companies with diverse experience.

eDesk HUB is a product of accumulated frustrations of clients who have suffered a loss of money, time, energy and sometimes confidence due to service providers’ claim that they can deliver projects according to set expectations.

At eDesk HUB we use online and offline initiatives to acquire qualitative and quantitative data to determine companies’ abilities & focus areas. Our goal is to make it easy for business consumers who are looking to hire Web & Mobile Application Development & Design services, and to help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency.

Our Methodology

Finding the most suitable service provider to get the job done with ease of mind, is challenging and stressful, provided that time, money and resource in general are limited. At EDH we simplify the process and organize it in way that makes it clear for business consumers to decide who to hire.

At eDesk HUB we have three evaluation criterions and each of those have several metrics associated from one to five. The service provider’s abilities and focus areas are rated based on those criterions.

Our Process

Our process to determine Abilities & Focus area involves three evaluation criteria for service providers

References & Reviews

We interview the service provider’s current and former clients to acquire a range of qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data is weighed by project value, project solution, and clients’ end-to-end experience while Quantitative data is based on project quality, expenses, timely delivery and client’s willingness to provide a referral.

Client Type & Capability

We evaluate the service providers’ portfolio and the type of projects that they have delivered to their clients. What type of clients and companies has the provider worked on and what type projects have the provider managed?

Market presence

How well the information on their corporate website is presented? Is it professional and clear? What is the market reputation of the service provider? Has the company won any awards or certifications of excellence?